Nos waith da pawb

nos waith da pawb good evening everyone i hope has had a good day and everyone is well Its superb to see more people in the group and my positive input is that my mate richie who has had stroke with multiple complications actually went to the local shop the other day, his first step to getting back to driving well done!! Every day brings its own challenges however if we all have our own goals whether large or small for me i watched the rugby match in the club drinking squash and was nice to almost everybody lol Well i cant be perfect can ilol

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Good to hear about Richie, and that you had a chance to watch the game. My weekend has consisted of a few ebbs and flows health-wise, but I have immersed from it unscathed. I’ve just put a batch of sloe wine on for its first fermentation. Got a batch of red grape wine ready for bottling next weekend. Spent last night on the couch with the wood burner going, listening to a podcast with the cats. My youngest son was out at the cinema with friends. I had a bit of a funny turn in the bathroom while cleaning on Saturday, but I am putting it down to over-stimulus, and not having my glasses at the moment. It actually reminded me of the funny turn you had recently.