Had my monthly catch up with my GP and in an attempt to control my left foot pain has prescribed noratripyline. 25mg at night.

Here is hoping feel like a lamb rat

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Hi noratripyline does help to have a some peaceful night. as it relaxes nerves. but it does make me heavy head next day. but this is me with almost with many medicines as i am not medicine friendly

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@mrfrederickson hope this med helps you with the pain xx

Had my first dose, bu as it needs a build up the next week will show more, first night felt different so unlike the other medications I noticed a subtle differenc, not a cure all but a change in pain levels, fingers crossed.

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Sounds like a positive start.fingers crossed when the dose has built up in you you’ll notice a big difference.

3 days in and have notice reduction on leg pain but hip is worse, dry mouth and constipation following.