Non of my referrals been done

Was discharged 3 weeks ago after my stroke they put on my discharge they had send requests to my local hospital for tests to be done so then the brain and heart people could have a meeting and devise a plan I rang today and non of the referrals are on my app as go w through and they confirmed they haven’t received anything and I’m not on their system to be seen. Also the gp still hasn’t put my medication down for me to order even tho I’ve asked several times and I’ve now only got 4 days left I’ve rang the hospital 11 times with no answer and no answer machine to leave a message it’s very overwhelming having to sort things out which should have been done.


Hi @annie39 I am so sorry to hear you are getting nowhere with hospital or GP.
Can you not keep phoning Consultant’s secretary or keep hounding your GP? Is there no-one who can even walk in/go into your GPs for you? Someone has to be able to help you - what are your pharmacy store staff like where you get your meds from? Could they help you? I hope you get sorted quickly. Take care, Bert


@annie39 not all referrals will appear on the app. Or they certainly don’t where I live & some take a long time to appear. It is possible that the referrals have been done but just not arrived at the right place to be recorded yet.

As @Bert suggests it might be worth badgering your GP surgery to get them to chase for you. If your meds aren’t on repeat yet you need to cobtact your surgery ASAP to get them to put another order through for you. Do you have a pharmacist at your surgery? If so, they’re a good place to start.

Hope you get it sorted.


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I have rang the hospital they have no referrals for me. And can’t get through to consultant that ordered it. And I have chased gp several times and nothing I’ve even been down once and still nothing


You could try PALS at the hospital. They should be able to help you resolve your issues.

You will have to keep pesywring your gp for the meds though. They should be able to put an order through even if it isn’t showing on repeat yet. You might be able to try 111 about meds too…i have a feeling they can sort an emergency prescription but i am not 100% sure.

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They have my discharge notes and it states there ongoing medication but GP hasn’t actioned it yet and it’s been sent through to him 3 times now I’m there tomorrow for my BP check and bloods so will ask again