Noise - should you avoid or endure it


i know many of you suffer with coping with noise and dealing with it

My consultant says I  shouldn’t push through fatigue, but I didn’t ask about noise.  Anyone know if there are consequences of doing so? 

I have a problem with noise and it isn’t made easier by having hearing aids. I went to a family lunch the other day, where some members had loud voices. Although I had a rest in the morning, I found lunch absolutely exhausting because of prople’s Loud voices and meaningless chit chat. I rested later, but when I went to bed I was so fatigued I had eight hours sleep with no trouble at all.

I like my nap at my ‘normal’ time and too much activity and loud conversation just floors me at times.

Hi, noise seems to be a big issue for many of us. We recently attended a 60th birthday party where they had a DJ and a live band. I was dreading it but I must be honest, it wasn't as bad as I thought and I managed to survive the evening. We also have 2 weddings to attend next year !! Another hurdle to overcome. I just keep telling myself that the more I things I overcome, the mor "normal"things will become. 

Hi JJM, I think many hearing aids amplify everything, not just what you want to listen to!!  Our normal filtering system just becomes overloaded in social situations particularly when it's not always easy to move to a quieter position.  We have a family christening to attend next w/end, and I know that my husband will feel drained of energy by the time we reach the end of the day!!  This was never an issue pre-stroke, but I'm not sure whether it's somewhat age-related as well, as I also struggle sometimes when I'm around multiple conversations, and noisy children!  

Interruption to a tried and tested routine is a pain, just when you think you've found a solution and then it may take a few days to establish normality ? ?  xx

Hi Jeff. I also wear hearing aids. Mine are 'In the ear canal' ones rather than over the ear ones. I have problems with loud noises such as sneezing, laughing, people generally banging around. I only wear them when I am in company because my husband has a loud voice so I don't need them in to hear him.  When I went for my check up at Specsavers for my ears, the audiologist reprogrammed them to lower the background noise and increase the speech.  Maybe that's a possibility with your aids?  Watching TV is a pain because I can hear the talking fine, then when the adverts come, they are 10million decibels louder than talking so they make my ears bleed! 

Haha, agree totally about TV adverts - I think they rank up the volume so that you can still hear them when you've gone to the kitchen to make a cuppa!!!  ?

Thank you. I’ll ask when I next go in for a service check (I probably need it as much as the hearing aids ) At a funeral today, but at the wake I had to sit outside because of the background din.

This is something I struggle with on a daily basis noise it really hurts my head and I can feel my ears rumble with pain and with 3 young children who are very loud it’s not ideal so frustrating but like pysio repetition of it I’m guessing it will help rather than avoid it ?

I had a big problem with noise and "facing up" to it got me nowhwere. 

After some months I realized that the problem was any echos. And most PA systems have a slight echo. As soon as I grasped this, my brain gradually learnt how to process it. Now no problems on the echo front..

It is so often overlooked that there is nothing wrong with our limbs and other functions, its just the messaging system that is broken.

If you can gradually ease into the noise I think thats a lot better than jumping in with both feet. Our brains have been damaged and we have to "relearn" things just as though we had been born yesterday.

I do hope things ease for you. How you cope with recovery and three youngsters I dont know. You are pretty amazing to hand;le it. Well done

Best wishes



Noise definitely increases my fatigue levels which are pretty dire at the best of times.It is a sadness that one has to avoid a social gathering or church service if you know you are not going to cope with the ordinary demands of the rest of the day/week.


thank you for sharing this Georgina, and all the other people who have contributed to this discussion. I thought it was just me getting bad tempered in my old age! Hope it gets easier for you, and well done for raising this issue!  Christinexxx

Luckily, I am a Quaker and we worship in silence. However, the chatter over coffee afterwards is quite distracting. My hearing aids do not help either, but tend to heighten background noise.

Noise early in my recovery was unavoidably painful, unfortunately we had a blue gold parrot, and an African grey. I couldn't get away from the noise, you could hear them halfway down the street. Certain music also was painful. But sometimes silence was as noisy. This intolerance caused a lot of conflict with my wife, she couldn't understand why I couldn't cope with thing's as simple as noise, or even the position of a light. I think she couldn't separate out the before and after me. 

My wife only once appeared to understand on one occasion. I was waiting for treatment in the RVI eye clinic. When we arrived, the waiting area was relitively empty, but by the time I had been examined, and the course of treatment decided, the waiting area had become packed.

Multiple voices echoing, trolleys clattering, one woman that was sitting near me had a particularly piecing voice. I buried my head in my lap, with my hands clamped over my ears. Still the noise was getting through. I started to cuss and swear, trying to keep it quiet, under my breath, but I obviously didn't do a good job of it.

My wife approached the reception staff and asked if there was anywhere quiet I could wait. The first time of asking, there was no reaction. The second time she asked, she added that I was about to loose the plot. This time a nurse came to me and quickly moved me to a side room.

I think that was as close as my wife came to understanding the difficulties I was struggling with. That was about four years post stroke. She realised shortly after that she could no longer cope with my difficulties............

I find that noise causes me to overload.

for example if I’m talking to someone and my dog barks it causes me to seize up. I’m unable to talk, move or speak until I can get clear of the overstimulus.

this has left me with a great deal more empathy with people wh suffer with autism.

I have similar issues with noise & fatigue, it is very frustrating missing gatherings or going places previously enjoyed. Feeling unable to get involved in church activities because of lighting, noise & lots of people for me is hard. I've tried to just do it but then have to deal with the fallout!

When when I returned to work after my TIA I found the background noise became so prominent, I couldn’t concentrate without hearing all about what little Jonny had gone at school yesterday. The people talking were nowhere near me

i started to listen to meditation apps on my phone which were really good, took a short while but soon the music and sounds became background and I could concentrate again

I found after my stroke in2013 noise was an issue I have always been sensative To noise  but since the stroke it’s worse and I seem to hear more background noise I have tinnitus too which gets stronger at times  I have learnt to cope with it feeling nothing can be done but knowing other stroke survivors  have this problem helps 

Well done Nannyfluff. Fighting against the horrid stroke.

I get help from a tinnitus relaxer. It plays white noise and waves crashing on the beach. It turns itself off after thirty minutes and I am often asleep by then. It has rain fall/birdsong etc as alternatives to waves on the beach. It cost a little less than £30 including postage.

Best wishes


After my stroke in 2012, I have found that I am sensitive to loud noises, which makes me jumpy & startled, I never suffered beforehand, but over a period of time I have adjusted to this. ? I hope this helps someone to understand it’s a normal process of healing.

I am so pleased I have found this thread! I had my stroke 8 weeks ago and I am completely suffering with sensory overload, particularly noise. Even meeting friends for a coffee for an hour is physically draining and I can sleep for 2 hours afterwards. Focusing on the social rules of having a conversation and retaining what they are saying to be able to respond is difficult enough but when sensory stimulus is added, I become overwhelmed. I thought it was just me so I am pleased to read I am not imagining it. I am hoping as the healing continues, this will become better!