Noise overload /sensitivity

I’ve struggling the last 2 years to find quiet cafés or restaurants due to the noise overload that I have post stroke.

Whenever I’m in a noisy place for too long my brain can’t cope and next day I’m in bed with the equivalent of a hangover.

Another a lot of research I’m discovered that there are so many people out there who suffer from noise sensitivity and I finally found the perfect earplugs to wear.

This afternoon I purposely went to a lounge bar around 6 pm, which is when most people stop for a drink after work. I walked in with my Loop Engage ear plugs and sat down next to a table with 15 people and was shocked at the effects of Loop. The noise levels were reduced but I was still able to hear the noise, and most of all I could finally hear myself and didn’t have to shout out.


I feel you…i lostvsome hearing after my stroke but wether i put my hearing aids in or not i still can’t handle too much noise,i usualy step outside or ito another room then go back but your right the next day its nice to have silence…it does get slightly easier with time though so keep your chin up.x

I do get auditory overload too, but it comes and goes. I will certainly look into these.

I have the same issue which makes socialising difficult. Definitely going to try some ear plugs. The hearing clinic did tell me not to wear them too often though as they can worsen the issue but she said occasional use would be ok.

Glad they made such a difference for you @joy.alliy

I’ve bought a pair of these as well as I struggle with overstimulation, noise is definitely a barrier for me! I love these and have recommended them to my autistic nephew, he loves them too. So glad to see they are becoming more widely available and popular amongst people of all neurodiversity’s :star_struck:


For the benefit of those SS who are still in the early stages of recovery and are suffering from this kind of auditory overload/noise intolerance, there is still a good chance that your hearing tolerance levels will return to normal as it did for me.
So please stay positive :pray: :smile:

I feel for you all and hope you find peace for the noise levels. I had to attend a wedding while I was still suffering from this, think I spent most of the time in car park as even the hotel lounge was noisy :frowning_face:

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Morning all.

A very interesting topic. Before my TIA, I was never a fan of too much noise or at least too many things coming at me in various directions all at once. Yesterday, I was in a restaurant early evening when someone started the music system. Others were commenting on how loud it was. With the sudden shock of it, for a moment I was almost wanting to hide, run or ‘something’.

More reading-up to be done me thinks!



Hi Alex, last night was the second time that I used the ear plugs at another loud and noisy restaurant and I love them :heart:



I am the same. I have looked on Amazon but cannot find the ones you show.


Hi Anne, there are available on It took a few days for them to arrive in the post.

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Hi Jolly

Thank you, I’ll have a look

They’re quite reasonably priced aren’t they? Might have to order myself a pair. Diolch for posting this.

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