No Rheum in stroke eye

Hello Forum,

I’m 58 and I had a major stroke on my right side 5 months ago.
My speech survived, but feeling and proprioception are totally missing
The stroke hit me hard, and still has me screaming with trauma every other night.

Oddly my stroke-side eye does not secrete rheum or mucus. ( the other side secrets plenty or a normal amount )The tear duct works. The eye feels like some foreign body might be under the eyelid ( but I bet there’s nothing ) because it is most uncomfortable sleeping or having a nap. It looks normal, and not pink nor sore.

Are there cases of such disturbances after stroke ?
Thanks for any insight.


@pando hi Roland, welcome to the forum although sorry you’ve had a stroke. I hope the trauma feelings ease in time for you. That must be quite distressing for you.

I don’t have any advice re your eye but I suspect it is a consequence of your stroke. Have you had it checked? Worth getting it done if not.

Wishing you all the very best.


Hi & welcome
I get the something under the eyelid thing too. my optometrist prescribed carbomer gel drops - I haven’t really worked out how to do them 1 handed though

Hi Roland,
Nice to see you, but sorry you’ve also had a stroke.
Do you have a walk in eye casualty in your area?
I know we do here in Sheffield, if you do it might be worth dropping in for some advice and a look to put your mind at ease.

Gem x

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Going to walk Ins is pretty difficult for me
It has come on and off a few times since I had my stroke
Thanks for taking the time to reply

who knows ? thx anyway Ann

yes it might be rheum that spreads along the baseline of my eyelid…
I’m also 1 handed for the moment

Well thanks, Mark

yes, I find there are many strange things going on that nobody would believe even if they could understand what I am on about. I think even my hearing has been affected.slightly… and I’ve just had them cleaned out professionally

best wishes to u

Thank you everyone for urging me to check it out
so I went to the eye hospital this morning
it’s blepharitis
plus the eye had slightly high pressure at 28
possibly because it’s on my stroke side ?

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Hi there I too suffer with tinnitus and seeing the ent man next month thankfully also left side hearing isn’t great either so obviously is a complaint of the stroke sorry for you too


Hi, Strikes a chord with me too -eye often feels ‘gummy’ & been using a lot of eyewash. Saying that, I often have the sensation of cold air on wet skin around that eye as though I’ve been weeping although the skin is completely dry.
Another thing I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere & my nurse hadn’t heard of is a completely dry nostril on that side too - no mucus or any moisture at all. Is this common?


After my stroke I had various odd sensations to my eye (stroke side)
The Eye-Hospital said I had Blepharitis…& now, as a follow on from that I have MGD …
let’s see if I can spell it … Meibomian Gland Dysfunction … only in the stroke eye.
This takes away natural oils that form a protective film around the cornea
I then feel a rough texture, or foreign body sensation

I hear a lot of survivors complaining about their eye stroke-side

good luck, got to go 4 supper, Roland

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@Ozscot Hi & welcome to the forum. Hope you find it a useful place to be. We’re a friendly bunch of stroke affected people finding our way along the stroke journey the best we can.

I too have never heard of a completely dry nostril. Hopefully someone else will be along who can help.

Wishing you all the best.


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So what’s the treatment going to be for this…if there is any?

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I don’t know, Emerald, I wish a solution were available
So far I have come across the following, which might help this horrible condition

Eye wipes
Artificial tears (eye-drops)
selenium sulfide ointment
“Lipiflow” Thermal pulsation

I’m still researching
Thanks for asking, ciao, Roland


I have a strange cold feeling round my right eye too and a weird feeling round my nostril same side too


Okay, so this is difficult. Post stroke, we are are going to experience health problems that aren’t related to stroke but are part of the natural entropy of getting older or general health conditions regardless of age. Plus, we have to consider acquired conditions due to stroke but not everything is going to be related. It really is a mixed bag, but I hope you get some treatment, it sounds like blepharitis isn’t too serious.



Not related to stroke?
The eye with blepharitis and MDG (much more serious) is the stroke-side eye
It is very uncomfortable, even painful to lose the oil content in out tear drops.
The other eye is in total comfort. It is definitely because of the stroke

Thx, Roland


This is a guess, Mickey,

If you a lacking the oil content in your eye, it will water with tears, but the protective layer around your eye will be insufficient for comfort. Possibly I had the same cold feeling as you did before it got more serious.

Good luck, Roland

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Hi Roland no it doesn’t weep .it feel dry actually but around the lower part of the eye it feels cool to the touch it’s a weird feeling only on the one eye.