No more Warfarin

I should have posted about this a long time ago:

Back in 2015, I started working full time again nearly five years after my stroke. After my diagnosis of having Antiphospholipid Sydrome, I was put on Warfarin for life. It was keeping me stroke and blood clot free but did result in one serious bleeding incident when my blood went far, far too thin. Attending blood tests every two weeks is a pain when you are working and travel with work. I even bought my own blood test machine which helped but is only supported in some parts of the UK,

In 2017 I was moved onto Rivaroxaban and just one tablet a day with no blood tests - it had just completed trials. It's a much more convenient medication and there have not been any bleeding incidents.I can't yet say if it is a wonder-drug because some people have no strokes for decades while on Warfarin and Rivaroxaban is still fairly new. Time will tell.

If anyone else is working, contemplating work and having regular blood tests with Warfarin, consider this. It may not be applicable for all conditions but is much more employment-friendly.

Take care everyone.