No Goal No Victory

Hello Everyone, earlier I was so happy, after all my own GP actually  phoned me on my mobile. Yes she said, “there’s no need to bother coming along to pick up your prescription, it will be sent straight away over to the chemist of your choice” no it wasn’t, after queuing for twenty minutes and being given a blank look from the pharmacist. So here I am running out,and nothing. I suppose I’ll have to go up the surgery first thing. If only things went smoothly!


Ps. Thought I’d just have a small moan

I am so lucky. My tiny GP surgery has a pharmacy and they fulfill my scripts each month. So I can walk along and collect, which I did this morning. Mind, we never have a GP available and I drive to the next town to see a GP. Rural Essex has its own ways and those ways are a lot better than when I lived in greater london.

There is an option to have medicines posted to you.


That's so disappointing just when you thought it was sorted. ??

That was another reason I opted for requesting my prescription online and having it delivered by the chemist to my home.??

Hope it gets sorted PDQ 

Hi Colin,

Thanks for your reply to my post.

 I’ve just changed doctors (after almost 40 years! )which hasn’t helped. My old GP’s surgery was like yours, it had a pharmacy on the premises, which was ideal.

The only problem being the travelling to get there, so I registered with a surgery just down the road, thinking it would be a lot easier? Hopefully everything will be Sorted soon. ( it better be I’m almost completely out of medication).



smileyHi Kay,

Thanks for your reply to my post.

Doing it all online seems ideal, even for someone like me, that’s not computer literate.

It’s slightly disconcerting getting down to your last few tablets (even though a repeat prescription was requested in plenty of time). I’ve already substituted my bloody thinning tablets for aspirin, so everything should be ok.


Hi Brugge, 

Sorry to nag but you might find that your blood thinning medication works slightly differently to Aspirin please nag the doctor and everyone to get you your correct medication PDQ.

Kay ???


Thanks Kay,

I’m going up to the surgery first thing this morning.

Your absolutely  right, aspirin doesn’t take care of irregular heart beats, I’ve already been nagged by someone else! lol 




Sorry! Just we care! 

Makes sense Brugge.

I believe you can have your prescriptions deliverd by post without any extra charge. The GP staff should be able to advise.

I presume you are in the early days after stroke. We all could do without having hassle over prescription deliveries its all those sort of things that get more and more difficult as the months turn in to years.

GPs are not geared up to deal with stroke survivors. I have found that I need to work out exactly what problem I have and then ask the GP for help. So many things go wrong with us that sussing out one particular issue is very hard. But if you can do it then the GP will be able to help.


Ps.Thanks for your reply Colin, I found out that my GP and the receptionist at the surgery weren’t to blame for the muddle. Apparently it was the pharmacy assistant, my prescription had been there all the time. But I shall look into having all my further medication, delivered to me.



Ps: -


Funny thing, up until 3 months ago, I never needed any medication for a thing. ( maybe just the odd paracetamol tablet )lol.

I know, Thank you Kay, and all you other guys out there.


Thats the delights of a stroke. No end to the things that change. Medication exactly as you suggest...the odd aspirin for a migraine. Now its a daily regime of tablets and an endless intrigue whether the tablets react to each other, or react to us.

Last night we had a water leak so I was in the loft at 2am. Today I am sleepy tired and ouch that pushes the fatigue to a whole extra level of angst. And I still have to go back in the loft to finish what I started. 

Where have all the plumbers gone.