No get up and go


I am 86 had a stroke last may 2018 I try doing crafts crochet diamond painting ect you name it I will try it

I read on here you should drink a lot....if I do this I am up all night using the loo...I dodrink about three glasses of juice a day I hate plain water other problem is I can't sleep at night I go off about three am in the morning g wake up at nine am.....feel tired after doing one little the washing..making my bed so I sit and eyesight plays up at to es had eye test they say I am OK don't need new speech comes and goes...eating I dribble a bit....oh boy I am falling to bits

Have just found this forum mygod what a help you have all been  I will just keep going please excuse  any mistakes in writing its my iPad not me ? my name is Dolly  good night every one x

hi Dolly, welcome to the club no one wants to pay the entrance fee for! sounds like you are doing great and have kept your spirit, which is very heartening. sometimes just hearing another person's story can be a boost. thanks for the little gift of yours. likewise spellings courtesy Android.

stroke fatigue is such a common experience. I am 3 years post stroke and it comes in episodes anything from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. I don't have a method that works, ther has been much discussion about it on this forum, you can probably find the discussion thread somewhere. from being a very active person to being disabled has been a very difficult challenge for me and the fatigue just makes it harder. but I plough on. I am fortunate in that  my stamina for reading has not been affected. so thats part of my approach. I know that others have lost that ability, so I am grateful that I can still get pleasure from it even though I grieve much for the loss of physical functions, I have no use of my left hand and left leg is weak and foot drops so I don't walk very well, that is hard as it was a great love. but I am working on both things and have some great support from the NHS so I remain hopeful. 

with very best wishes 


Hi Tony

Thanks for your reply.....I am left handed my left side was affected I am getting some use from my left hand now but I have been practising using my right hand...I can write my name with it now and do other little bits.....I have a limp now down my leg and it can be painful so I bought a leg brace that sportsmen use I pull it up over my knee it does give me a bit more trouble is I won't use a stick when I should do to help with balance as I am deaf in one ear also cannot wear hearing aid as I seem allergic to makes my ear very parents were deaf and dumb so I can lip read a bit .....I lost my only sister to cancer six weeks ago so it bought me down a bit.....but then I found this program which made me feel better reading some of the letters I don't feel on my own now you know we have had to change our life around from being energetic to going snail pace.....but I am winning as I will not give up.....I like to keep smiling what ever the day brings....because to me there are a lot more out there worse suffering different illnesses..... I hope you get better each day bless you Dolly

thanks so much for your gentle encouragement and inspiration. a day at a time!

 with very best wishes


Dolly, you have a great attitude and that will help you no end. My stroke was nearly four years ago, but, like Tony, I still get post stroke fatigue and need an hour in bed every lunch time. Since the stroke I have had two cataract ops, two hearing aids and two teeth out. So I am falling apart too. However, have got bed changing down to half and hour and I enjoy cooking. So easy to overdo things though. Good luck to you.

Hi dolly

I was reading  your pitch going aye that's me! And that and that!!!.... I hate plain water too yuk! Have trouble drinking the amount of fluids they say you must... And yet I can drink tea till the cows come home,mug after mug, like you try i do new things as my sewing is on hold at the moment, learning photography, there's a lot too learn

Hi There

Thanks for your letter sorry did not see it till now I have been busy diamond painting and being I am trying to use my right hand as I am left handed it I is taking time....I also can now sign my name using my right hand I have some feeling in my left hand but can't grip anything yet but gotta keep trying.....I also have looked on you tube for other hobbies I may be able to try so far just jigsaw puzzles ....they are OK but I don't like breaking them up when done ? love the picture of your dog I lost mine two years ago miss him so much he was a yorkie died age 14years so he lived his full life.....

Well time for another cup of tea ? well at least we are drinking take care love Dolly


Hi john

Thanks for your letter

Today I did some diamond painting using my right hand as I am left handed but we have to try don't we.....I just  cannot wear my hearing aid I hate things in my ears so I just tell the family to speak up a bit or they will get a no from me when I should have said yes ?

Yes we have had to change our life around it is like being a baby some time....dribbling when eating...trying to talk I have alphsia sorry for spelling.....and have to change my nappy all of this since my stroke...but we have to keep smiling or we will go down and that I do not intend to do...oh hair falling out now what next.....I get my bad days but it soon take care keep smiling love. Dolly

Hi dolly

 I too am left handed and lost use of it for a while, but I would hate to have lost it to the point where I had to try and use my right hand☹️, I am interested in in your diamond painting never heard of that before, and I too are a big utube fan for learning stuff, I do para cord weaving am now looking at leather weaving, just waiting for my cutter to arrive, sorry to hear about your dog, they are a great help in situations like this, for my wife's birthday I had a picture of him made in to a 500 piece jigsaw, we were doing fine till one evening the wine was brought out, one slip and it went everywhere ?, am sure we will get it finished and framed, sounds like your kettle is always on mine on too ?

Catch up with you later

Deep breath and keep padding ?

Sorry I was writing to you but my android went off tell me if you got that email please love dolly

Tony can you help me I was replying to a email I had from some one and the whole thing went off....does this mean I have to rewrite it.....I did not press send button ....hope you are well Dolly

Hi to you both

Thought I would try again the email I was writing went off

The cording you are doing I remember it as a child we used to do it with shoe lace one penny a p in today's money I think

Hope your puzzle turns out OK after the wine spill......look on you tube how to do diamond painting..I do a lot it is so relaxing it is like a cross stitch but done in crystals or very tiny stones....three pensioners where I live are doing can even get a custom picture done of your dog but you must have patients with this work....I have a lot of that.....I love all crafts well I try them when you are my young age you have to keep busy with a mug of tea beside you ?

Keep smiling take care both of you love Dolly

Hi dolly

Sorry haven't received any email, the para cord weaving, there are a lot of different weaves to learn for different uses and I sadly remember laces fir a penny, the jigsaw will be a winter project for those cold winter nights, I did look up to diamond painting wow! That's one not for me, couldn't fiddle with tiny stones, would end up with more stuck on the sole of my foot ☹️ or worse the dogs! Catch you on the next tea break


morning Dolly, if you can find your "sent" folder, usually there's a button at the top left of your screen, depending on what you are using, on a smartphone device vit might be a set of 3 or 4 parallell lines which will give you a menu if you click on it. your message may have automatically saved in a "drafts" folder, same procedure to find that. in which case you can finish the message and send. if it has been sent you should see it in your sent box.

if it was a message on this forum, you may have to rewrite it. 

I'm not too bad today but have had a few rough days, with what feels like a cold coming on, other members of the family have had something similar, headaches and stuff. and terrible fatigue, quite depressing. 

bit better today though, and the vsunbis shining!


Hi Tony

Thanks will look later have stroke lady from hospital paying me a visit for my speech 

Yes I was hit by the cold virus a few weeks ago I just boiled an onion drank the juice then ate the onion a couple of days I was up but still left with the cough...but it will go I am sure well I hope so I have my flu jab this Saturday 

Now get well soon all my family have it to even four year old great granddaughter.

Keep smiling love Dolly

many thanks 

 feeling a bit better today, first day for ages I haven't had a headache, I was beginning to forget what it was like. such a relief!


Give it time my friend you will get better I am over mine now....just keep adding water to it

??? night night Love Dolly