No apparent reason

How many stroke survivors have gone through all the various hospital tests to be told there is no apparent reason why you had a stroke? 

Me too. I am told I was very unlucky. Yes my BP has been less than perfect and could get as high as 140/75 but thats within the range of reasonable. Stroke got to me as I slept and I just woke up paralysed.  I have a very strong heart and probably that kept me alive.

Once medically discharged (that was day 5 for me) there really isnt any point in looking much as to just what happened. Its a drama story and I certainly got a mega dose of post trauma shock. We need to move on as fast and as best we can


It’s nearly 2 years for me and yes I do totally agree I have moved on and live happily with the new me ? I am lucky — was just curious whether statistics show that for a whatever percentage of the stroke survivor population it is just one of those things and happened for no reason  as a friends partner has recently joined us stroke survivors and a group of people at work were discussing why it had happened and were a bit shocked when I joined in and said maybe it’s just one of those things. 

Hi , just wanted to say same here ,all tests showed no reason for tia and that’s the biggest thing to to accept as how do you change anything to stop it happening again .

still in shock  4 months later but hopefully a bit calmer now . Can I ask how long it took you to accept it and move on .


I think it's about 25/30% are in that group, I can recall reading while learning about strokes.

though I'm not in that category, my cause was badly furred up carotid arteries and a piece of the plaque broke free, causing my ischaemic stroke (high bp can make this breaking free more likely I believe) which I also had.

I think I also recall it being said, the medics not finding a cause can be a good thing. 

but is not knowing a good or a bad thing?




I dont really want to know why I had a stroke, just how to avoid another one. 

If you still have issues of shock then do seek counselling advice. It made a big help to get me moving along a recovery path.

Those who had a full stroke will never go back to how they were pre stroke. However. TIAs should hopefully give you every chance to be how you were before, Your whole brain is in place so it should work for you soon. Full stroke means a bit of brain is dead so we can not conceivably be the same again. 

best wishes


Thank you Colin, you are always very helpful.

Thanks for your reply- interesting statistics- Really don’t know if Having no reason is a good or bad thing 

I was in that category. every test came back positive. I had a million blood tests, never got used to it. all kinds of ultrasound.  the word I came across was cryptogenic meaning sorry mate don't have a clue what caused it. 

 so at least everything else works fine except for slightly raised blood pressure. 


Hi Mabel 

i was 53 when I had a stroke and was told that the type I had affects 5 in 1000 000 people who have a stroke. I have had so many investigations and am pleased to say that all the tests were negative. In answer to your question about how long it took to accept unfortunately it is something that has happened and my journey in the early days was not easy it was filled with days of learning to walk again and learning to get my arm to communicate with my brain and anxious times waiting for test results . Nearly 2 years later I have a different outlook on life It has made me realise just how precious life is and how important it is to take time to stop and smell the roses ok yes I do have bad days but I give myself a talking to and carry on - reading some of the posts on here will give you lots of advice and encouragement.

Hi mother bear ,

thank you for your kind reply . I do try too keep positive that nothing else will happen and each day gets a bit better. 

I am so glad that you are now in a good place and enjoying life . 


Hi  I too am in this group, I considered myself quite fit, hardly ever at the doctors, was out shopping and boom!  my life changed forever.  18 months post stroke, and still getting there.  I think many stroke survivors look back to find a reason, but for many there just isnt so we move forward as best we can.  Onwards and upwards.  Wendy

Yep. Me too. Previously fit (health checks at the surgery every year) no reason for having a stroke. Just unlucky. I fretted over it in the first year or so (if I  don't know what caused it how can I prevent it happening again). I'm 5 years down the line now and don't let it bother me too much. Just keep taking the tablets!

I was told the same. I was 40, very fit, skydiver, did triathlons and lots of hiking. I had the stroke after doing 20 measly press ups ! Probably lucky that this was all i was doing at the time. I put it down to another little adventure I've had and count myself very lucky I'm still around to look after my kids. Who knows why things happen !? All we can do is make the right adjustments and keep moving forward. Good luck in the future, MB. Aaron. 

yeah, me too. I came across a word for it:

"cryptogenic" which apart from entertaining me didn't help much. After all the testsat least I know everything else is working fine. I worried for quite a while about a second stroke. I don't worry now, too much else to do with just getting on with living.