Night time diarrhoea

Has anyone else experienced this post stroke? I have had a recent experience that resulted in me fainting in the bathroom in the middle if the night. As I live alone this was a frightening experience. Just wondering if it is in some way connected with fatigue as I had pushed myself to hard over Christmas


It’s not something i’ve experienced or heard of anyone experiencing. Over doing things can cause issues but it’s difficult to say if this was caused by that. I would suggest you get in touch with your GP ASAP and get yourself checked over.

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I have been checked at hospital but they had no explanation

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Hi @Brhodes001
Starting with the normal caveat of not medically trained…

I would guess that given how long it was since your stroke and your general grit and breadth of reading here that diarrhoea is not connected with your stroke .

I would suggest that their might be correlations the other way - in that diarrhoea tends to dehydrate, and dehydration can then be a contributory to fatigue and re-emergence of weaknesses (‘decompensations’)

If it’s been going on more than 2 or 3 days I would suggest talking to a pharmacist and if they recommend your GP then following that advice. I would let the pharmacist know your history and current medication etc

I hope that the “pushing it over Christmas” means that you’ve had a good one! :slight_smile:
Plans for New year’s Eve?


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