Night Spasms

My wife is five months post stroke and although making some progress still has very limited movement on her left side, which basically means once she is in bed, she cannot move herself. She is gradually getting more movement in her left leg but this seems to be accompanied by severe spasms in her Achilles heel area at night, which can wake her five or six times and the only relief she gets is by having the effected area massaged GP has prescribed various pain killers, but nothing seems to help. Has anyone else had AND overcome this problem

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I can only say from my own experience that I have had two forms of spasms post stroke. The first, being myoclonus jerks, one type that occurred during the day where certain muscles would pulsate rhythmically of their own accord. The second, being hypnic jerks that occurred at night where muscles would spasm forcefully. These, I am to understand, are neurological and were an effect of brain injury. The other sort I experienced, and still do, is nerve pain which, initially, coincided with the type of statin I had begun taking. I switched statin, and although I get the odd twang, it is not so acute. However, I can’t help but also think this is neurological too, as I imagine my brain may be sending mixed messages to my central nervous system. Hope this helps. Always keep an open line with medical professionals, as it is also possible to acquire conditions after stroke. Prognosis can be a matter of deductive reasoning, if anything else.


Hi Grazza - I hope your wife is getting regular rehab. I was totally left-side paralyzed. Had rehab 3 times a day for 3 weeks while in the hospital. Then 2 times a week after I came home. I eventually got most of it back. I also had leg spasms for quite some time at night. The only thing that worked for me was CBD oil drops under the tongue ( 20 mg.- I’m 120 pounds) It usually worked within 45 minutes. If it didn’t, I took another 20 mg. That always worked. Spasms stopped. I slept well. Then at night the same thing again, usually. As time went on , it happened less often. Maybe every other night for weeks. Then maybe once or twice a week for a few weeks. Eventually, I only needed the CBD oil about once a month. Now, 4 years later, I’ll get spasms maybe every 2 o3 months. So, I keep CBD oil drops in my night stand just in case. Everyone’s dose is different. Only take what is needed. Too much is not necessarily better. It is usually suggested to start at about 8 - 15 mg and increase as needed. There are gummies that taste better, but I think the under the tongue drops work fastest. Always check with your doctor first. I checked with my GP and cardiologist. Both were ok with it. I ordered mind on line from a reputable firm. Cost was about $100 a month when I used it every night. But that wasn’t more than a few months. Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face: Jeanne

I couldn’t turn over in bed initially because I had no purchase so I trapped a towel at the head of the bed so I could use my good hand to grip it and so move a bit.

I’ve got 80% leg back now (2yrs)
Since my stroke when I yawn and since I could move right leg when i stretch it both leg and hand flex uncontrollably and spasm. No pain but no fading of the reaction either.

If you suspect meds or activity etc affects her then a diary is useful and look for things that have a pattern even if a few days before