NHS Diabetic Prevention Programme

Some of you will know that I have recently changed my Doctors as I was fed up of being 'Fobbed off' all the time and his lack of interest in my health since my strokes.  

My blood sugar levels have been 42 for 2 years which is classed as pre-diabetic.  I am convinced this is due to the extra weight gained since the strokes (a stone) and despite eating a healthy diet, regular exercise and twice weekly at the gym, I cannot budge it.  I repeatedly asked my old GP for help either by referral to a dietitian or more detailed blood tests to find out why I can't lose weight because I was scared I was at risk of another stroke.  He poo hoo'ed the idea and my worst fears came true in Oct when I had my second only this time a TIA. My thyroid is border line and he said didn't warrant me taking medication for it.  I take BP tablets, Clopidogrel, Rosuvastatin and Amitriptyline for leg numbness.

 Since my first check up at my new practice, I am still 42 which is the lowest end of diabetes but the top end of normal so still pre-diabetic even though I don't touch sugar other than hidden sugar you can't avoid such as in fruit and veg.  My cholestrol level has come down from 6.8 to 4.6 in 6 weeks of taking Rosuvastatin so over the moon with that.  The good news is that my new GP, who I've yet to see, has enrolled me on the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme to help me both to lose weight and bring the sugar count down.  

It's a 9 month programme which I start on the 22 Jan. Due to Covid it is virtual at the moment rather than face to fa ce but it's this kind of help I was looking for   from my old GP but didn't get. I was wondering if anyone on here has done this course and, if so, how did you get on?

Hi Brenda, I remember seeing a post several months ago. I made some notes myself at the time (knowing how tricky this site can be!) and can direct you to that post. If you go to the Forums list and go into Health and Wellbeing page, go down the list and look for the discussion topic Diet and Lifestyle after stroke (last updated 5 months ago) Heather Mary posted about the course she attended. If you get there(?) her post gives details and website of the course that helped her: xperthealth.org.uk Hope you can navigate through my instructions. Best of luck and very good wishes to you, Pat

Thank you so much Pat!  I found it YAY!  I found the website which is similar to the type of thing I think I will be doing.  I clicked on 'Adele's Story' and she has hit the nail on the head. Everyone tells you that diet is important and just say cut down on sugar and eat less fat but I've been doing that for nearly 4 years with no effect.  What people need to know is how to incorporate those changes into meals that you (and your husband!) can eat and still reap the benefits.  The fact that Heather Mary lost 2 stone in 12 months has given me the hope that I can do this.  

Aren't people on here WONDERFUL!!   xx