NHS Continuing Healthcare Assessment

I’d really like to hear from others on their experience of the NHS Contiunuing Healthcare asessment - whether anyone has received it / not received it etc.

My Mum had a major stroke a year and a half ago and is in a nursing home - she can only move one arm and has no short term memory - so whilst she can talk and have a chat it is sometimes logical and sometimes not so! She sleeps most of the time. We have just had the assessment result which funnily enough concluded that she isn’t eligible - but with no explanation as to why or how the decision was made. The report states that I was at the meeting (the decision support tool) which I wasn’t!

We have no idea whether to appeal or not based on the information given and before I make a step that might be the wrong one just wanted to find out what experience / advice others have. Appreciate that the NHS is very stretched and that coordinators of these assessments will be under pressure to give negative results…but not sure how subjective or objective the process is…

huge thanks


What ever the assessment etc I’d set straight any blatant inaccuracies and ask for a full, evidence based justification of conclusions

Your don’t say what eligibility

Yes the nhs is streched. Id guess you n yours paid your dues so imho you should ask for the service promises to be met

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So sorry to hear you havegone through this. It sounds like my exact situation at the moment with my mum (7 weeks post stroke) and I can’t get anyone to talk to about the criteria for continuing healthcare.

Ask instead for their roles & the dimensions of the roles
When you understand who is directing clinical oversight then button hole that person with yr qns

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