Newcastle University Stroke Services Survey

The Stroke Research Group at Newcastle University would like to know about your preferences in relation to service reconfiguration to make thrombectomy routinely available.

Thrombectomy, or ‘clot removal’ is a relatively new, revolutionary treatment for a particular type of stroke; however, it’s not currently available to everyone in the country.

We have developed a survey which asks you to choose your most and least preferred aspects of stroke services. This is so we can help commissioners to make decisions on what is most important to prioritise when re-designing these services so that more patients can receive thrombectomy.

We very much hope that you can find the time to complete this survey - we need as many responses as possible to ensure that any changes that are made to these services are in the interest of the public.

This is the link to the survey:


Thank you very much! Your response to the survey is greatly appreciated! 

Best wishes,