I am Andrew and had a stroke on May 12th this year. I spent the next 6 months in hospital and was discharged on October 27th. I was home three weeks and then fell over in the kitchen and broke my left shoulder. I spent 5 hours on the floor waiting for an ambulance. spent one night in Southampton hospital before being transferred back to Lymington hospital for a week. Back home now and taking a lot more care about walking around the house. I made it out the front door yesterday and got in and out of my wife’s car. quite an achievement for me.
onwards and upwards…


Hello @Pommie66b

Welcome to the community of thrivers here. Well done in making it out of the house :slight_smile:

I see you read 100 posts already! I guess they are beginning to give you the flavour of the community and you are seeing that there are folk here who can give an empathetic ear when you need to Ask a question, encouragement to celebrate an achievement or commiserate with a setback .

I might be accused of shutting the stable door after the horse :racehorse: has bolted… But the different strokes YouTube channel has an excellent video on removing trip hazards in the home - it might still have a few nuggets for you :slight_smile:

Yes onwards and upwards :slight_smile:

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Hi @Pommie66b I just wanted to welcome you to the forum. Hope you find as useful and friendly as we all do. I know it’s not a club you’d ever choose to join, but now you’re here I hope we’ll hear from you as you progress…onwards and upwards :smile:

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Hello and welcome. It is always good to hear of people’s post stroke achievements. As you say, onwards and upwards…big steps or little steps - they all count.


@Pommie66b Hi & welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve had cause to join us but now you’re here we hope you find it useful.

How frustrating for you breaking your shoulder after finally getting home. We forget sometimes that we might not be as agile as we were pre stroke. I think a number of us have had falls with varying degrees of severity. I guess it can be considered part of our recovery journey.

Hope you are recovering ok from both your stroke & your broken shoulder.

Best wishes


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Hanks for the feedback.
My wife already removed all the trip hazards and my fall was purely due to me not picking my foot up high enough on my weak side.
7 months on from my stroke I still feel frustrated at all the things I can’t do. My wife is very supportive and we have come to the conclusion quickly that my stroke will affect the rest of our lives.
My determination to improve my mobility is as strong as ever and was greatly assisted by the physio team on the stroke ward in Lymington hospital. They were/are fantastic.

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Hello Andrew. Sorry to hear you have had such a rough ride. I can not imagine what six months in hospital would have been like. I am 2 years post stroke and apparently still fight ambulance staff while I have no conscious awareness because I have PTSD from the month I spent in hospital. So much respect for you to get through that.

There is a great bunch of folks here who always have great advice or even a simple sympathetic ear if and when you ever need it.