Hi guys , im new here. I had a stroke back in july this year. I was on the stroke ward for several wks , i cant remember anything about the first 2wks. It effected down my left side, its constantly warm. I dont feel the heat down my left side only the right when i have shower.
I find the small things i have difficulty with, like tying my laces or opening a can of soup. I get frustrated and i feel useless coz i cant do the things i could before. I know its still early days yet, but ill get there hopefully.


Thank you. How do i download zoom

@Joey welcome to the group but sorry you’ve had a stroke. It is still early days for you yet & I’m sure with patience & determination you’ll continue to make improvements.

Hopefully, you’ll find this forum a useful place to be.

Best wishes.

Ann x

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Thank you for the kind words

I clickef on to join zoom

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Joey, you are in very early days. My big stroke was nearly 7 years ago and I could do nothing. Now I can cook and bake, despite this having to be done mostly with one arm and hand but my left hand is usable. It took me years to open a can with an opener but achieved it in the end. Please remember many cans have pull rings and soup can be bought in cartons. Just keep trying though and you will progress.

PS My stroke side (left) still feels the cold.

Hi Joey very early days yet,it is very frustrating in the first few months and I had a few mini meltdowns and remembering feeling pretty useless but bit by bit things get better. But this site has helped us all immensely. So any problems ? Ask here there’s a wealth of knowledge at hand.

Shwmae @Joey, I hope our forum helps guide you somewhat through the swings and roundabouts of post stroke recovery. Aye, it is early for you but stay positive and persistent, avoid the boom-bust cycle by getting plenty of sleep and rest, stay brave.

Hi @Joey and welcome, early days are frustrating all I’d say is keep up with your physio exercises and hopefully you’ll start to see improvement in the months ahead. I still find it interesting that everyone’s strokes are so different, my stroke affected my left side and unlike you mine is cold especially my arm and hand :cold_face:

There’s lots of friendly people on here and plenty of great information.

Best wishes