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Hi Fellow strokers = I suffered my Stroke MAY 1st this year and reading some comments on this Forum makes me realise how lucky I was to have a minor event or was it because my wife realised what was happening, called 999 and I was into Norwich hospital within 2 hours and transferred to London within 5 hours. Anyway, thankfully I am left with no serious physical problems, only fatigue and brain getting tired quickly, Prior to this I raced sports cars in Hillclimbs etc, and now realise that this may be in the past as my race licence has been cancelled until next year. Otherwise all is good and gradually recovering.
Big sympathy to all strokers who ended with more problems than I have.


@Hillclimber welcome to the forum and sorry you’ve had a stroke.

It’s great that you haven’t been too badly affected physically. The hidden effects can still be quite debilitating though so try and pace yourself and not overdo things.

Everyone recovers at a different rate so do what you feel is right for you. Fatigue seems to be a common thing amongst most stroke survivors and as your brain recovers it will need time to rest.

You might be able to return to racing sports cars in time.

Best wishes for your recovery journey.


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Shwmae @Hillclimber, welcome to our forum, sorry to hear you’ve been struck, glad your recovery is going well. Just be careful of the boom-bust cycle, sometimes after stroke, the first six months feels like much progress is being made, but after six months plasticity slows down and stroke survivors may feel as if they have run aground. Hope you get back behind the steering wheel next year.

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Welcome to our forum. Pleased you seem to have got off lightly

Pleased to say I got to the workshop today and rebuilt a gearbox, feeling much better having achieved something at last. Then the constipation, probably caused by the medication, seems to have cured itself AND the pain in the back has gone. WOW makes me feel I am well into recovery BUT had to have a nap after lunch, felt fatigued after the mornings efforts. THANKS for all the comments, I realise now that I am so lucky compared to other victims!


Hi Hillclimber-- I am grateful for you as well that you got by as well as you did. Don’t be surprised that the fatigue sticks around awhile. It takes the brain a long time to rewire and heal. Hope you check in with us often. You may be able to help others in our situation. My best to you. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

after 4 months I realise that I have got off very lightly. In the last month, I was invited and travelled by car to Switzerland as “spanner man” for some friends who were competing in a Hill Climb featuring some of the old F1 race cars but my highlight was to see Agostine riding the MV Agusta motorcycle, and riding very quickly.

Today, I have been Games master at our local Village Fete raising money to help keep our local church in good order. 2 years ago, i replaced all the rainwater guttering and the underground pipes taking the water away.
My life before the stroke was always busy, and gradually I am getting the Mo-Jo back but suffering lot of fatigue. Maybe I am Wrong, but I feel better if I keep pushing to get things done, not what most suggest on the Forum

@Hillclimber good to hear you’re managing all those things. Sounds very interesting. If pushing through works for you then go for it.

I know for me if I try & push through it catches me later but as each week passes life is getting just a teeny bit easier.

Fab car by the way :grinning:

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Golly gosh, that’s some car. Every survivor’s stroke recovery journey will be different as our brains are wired differently, our ages vary, and it’s all dependant on where the damage hit and how much, but there will be shared common symptoms we all manage. The common issue with fatigue is the boom-bust cycle, where pushing exhausts the brain and doesn’t give it a chance to heal properly, this causes long term fatigue issues, there is also in the first six months after stroke, major plasticity being undergone by the brain. For instance, I was remarkably energetic for the first six months while this was happening but it all slowed down after that and recovery was more work. However, I am always intrigued at how the recovery rate is so varied among us all. I thought that with my resilient nature, I would bounce back, but anxiety got in the way. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Switzerland :grinning:


I think I was a bit premature in my news about working & travelling etc.

Yesterday and today spent mostly on the day-bed recovering from fatigue. MUST learn to pace myself better and accept I need to rest not work

Sorry if I gave others false hope of recovery, it takes time.

Sorry to hear the fatigue caught up with you @Hillclimber it has a habit of doing that. Pesky thing. Hope you’re feeling better after your resting.

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Still pushing my body. now in Tenerife for two weeks sun and rest. managed the travel without problems. 6 months now and brain still lagging behind physical recovery. OH how long will it take to normality?

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@Hillclimber have a lovely time in Tenerife. Costa Adeje is one of my favourite holiday destinations…or it was pre stroke.
In answer to your normality question…how long is a piece of string :thinking: it’s different fir everyone I think & in a lot of cases we have to settle for a new normal.
Don’t forget to bring some of that sunshine back its cold here :sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face:

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SUN NOT OUT TODAY!! Pool water temp quite cool.

Hope the sun comes out tomorrow for you. Pools are always cold. Brrrrr :grin:

yes it did but fatigued today so no swimming, just book reading by the pool.

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Whilst I am very thankfull To be physically OK after the stroke 6 months ago, its all the new extra ailments that drives me mad. Never having been in hospital over my previous 77 years and not seriously ill, the stroke has knocked me back. Now I have severe constipation, but using all the remedies, hands & feet are now normally cold, urination starts without warning etc, many wet legs, etc,etc, nothing major but collectively driving me, and my wonderful wife, who I now call “Matron”, she puts up with all my groans . so I am very lucky

I stayed a the Arona Gran years ago and remember it being really nice. I just googled it and it still looks good and it’s now Adults only which is always a plus for me.

I’m glad the sun’s come out for you @Hillclimber reading by the pool is one of my favourite pastimes :sunglasses:

@DDMH I’ve stayed at Guayarmina Princess 3 times I think. Fairly recently refurbished & adults only. Perfect for me :grin:

@Hillclimber reading by the pool used to be my favourite passtime but I can’t read so well since my stroke so snoozing by pool it is :blush:

Sorry to hear of your ongoing issues. I’m not surprised they’re driving you mad.

Enjoy the rest of your hols.

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Cant find a suitable forum for this difficult,to me subject, so moderators please move to more suitable location if possible.

Since my stroke 7 or 8 months ago, my penis and scrottum have gone all flabby and an erection is impossible. Is this normal ? or will it eventually return to normal. At 78yo its not used much BUT affecting my confidence that I will eventually get the whole body back to as close to normal as possible.
Thanks for any replies on this subject which is “not nice” to discuss with everybody.

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