Newbie here

Hiya am 46 & had a stroke 3 weeks ago at present am a mess ...scared it's going to happen again head is all over the please ...I haven't a reason yet why it may have happened ...I've had all the tests....scans, young blood tests & heart monitor but dont get no results till 16th dec when I see specialist at hospital....

I feel so messed up at mo this normal ??? Its hard I've got my 3year old Grandaughter living with me full time ive a special guardianship order this in its self scares me incase it happens again. 

Sarah, welcome to the forum. You are no longer alone. Your reactions are perfectly normal for someone immediately post stroke. It sounds as if, physically, you are not too affected. Stroke, however, is a major trauma. Hopefully, your medication has been changed to stop the possibility of another stroke.

Your fears will fade over time, but may well lurk in your mind for quite a while. You may also encounter other post stroke issues like fatigue. Try not to add to your stress by overthinking or by letting fear get to you. A stroke support group might help you if there is one in your area.

Please make sure your consultant explains things to you clearly. It may help if you take someone to the interview with you. Please remember you are not alone and feel free to ask any question you like on this forum or just let off steam.

Changing your diet and lifestyle might also help. You could also consider joining a yoga class or relaxation group.

Hi Sarah and welcome!  As John says, everything you are experiencing is normal immediately post stroke. It is caused by the trauma to your brain during the stroke.  Your brain is very busy at the moment re-wiring itself along other channels not affected by your stroke. This is why your head is all over the place and your emotions are running high.  During your brain's re-wiring, it needs rest and lots of water.  Daily rest is essential in addition to your sleep.  Try not to worry about having another one - this is common in the first few months for all of us.  Make sure you take your medication and you'll be fine.  As John says, try to take a friend with you to the specialist and also write a list of questions to take with you so you don't forget to ask him about your worries.  If you are not working because you are caring for your granddaughter, would it possible for her to go to a playgroup or stay with a friend for an hour so you can rest without any interruptions`?  Hope all goes well with your tests and take care. x

I believe that the brain did not enjoy having a stroke. It then sets in motion the instinct to avoid another stroke. The brain does this by making you scared of another stroke.

It is very common for stroke survivors. It will ease during the next few months.

I started to sleep with a light on, this eased my un-natural fear.

I was advised that I was just plain unlucky that the blood clot found its way to the brain as opposed to places it would normally go. So my results indicated nothing.

What you might wish to do is to look at your results with a view to correcting anything thats not ideal. Such as blood thickness and blood pressure. And diet and exercise and stress. For the majority of us, especially those of us who find no reason for the stroke, we are now far less likely to have a stroke than anyone else.

It is all quite common. No two strokes are the same, but we share many common issues.

Being all messed up describes the aftermath perfectly. In fact I like that description so much that I will crib that comment to help others.

I think you need someone else to help you with the care of a 3 year old. You need rest and no stress. As things improve (and they do improve, just slowly) then you will be able to care for your gkids.

One of the best things for me was when a stray cat adopted me. So I care for him and it really helps me to have a purpose each day. And I love him so much it improves my quality of life. I am not suggesting a cat can equal a child, but some of the benefits are comparable.

As mentioned. You are not alone, many of us are out here willing you on.

Please try smiling a lot. Amazingly effective.

And be positive.

Best wishes