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Hello i had tia last wed. A few hours after a colonoscopy and endoscopy…hours later my left arm was paralysed for around 60 seconds i know this because i was alert througout and also the coudown to the news was on. I went to a&e and they did no neuro checks and told me to wait…15 hours. I was exhausted amd asked if i could come back in morning (stroke team said they didnt need to see me or assess me !?) Anyways to cut a long story short i got an mri next day from consultant. They said there was a tiny area of damage and they werent entirely sure if it was tia. They put me on clopidogrel, statins and aspirin. Then couple.days later i was told to pop in for a ct dye scan and another appointment arrved (dated BEFORE dye scan) askinb attend aortic arch scan? Nobody has told me.why i need these.tests. im utterly terrified something awful is suspected
Im 49 female. No other health problems thus far. Can anyone helo ease my mind?. Im worried about beinb on meds long term too. I already feel weird and crampy and light headed
Sorry for rambling
Im just so upset x


Hi @Noni

Welcome although sorry you’ve had cause to join us

It’s very scary, we know.

You might find Welcome - what we wish we'd heard at the start useful for multiple reasons click blue text for the link

The meds you’ve been prescribe are a typical default set. They may have crampy side effects - statins have a reputation. The story you tell, while unique does not sound particularly surprising when taken in the context of the many others here.

Every one here has been through similar stuff and most of us are thriving to different degrees- we have struggles and victories and we support each other with an empathetic ear, share understanding, advice and are tolerant of a cathartic rant or a relieved cry :).

I don’t know about a CT after an MRI but I imagine an aortic scan is to confirm or rule out causes. We none of us are medically trained but together we have a lot of experience to share - someone may clarify in the next day or two :slight_smile:

It is a scary time & serious too but not without hope nor without a good life after. Hopefully you’ll turn out to have had a false alarm, or a Tia without lasting affects :slight_smile: Whatever the situation the more you search & read the more understanding youll amass: which may help guide you through the next week’s & months



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@Noni Hi and welcome. You are understandably worried. Please don’t be worried, there is no point because it won’t do anything to help. Likewise, please don’t panic because that won’t help you either. Try to accept that whatever has happened (and it may be very little) you will receive the appropriate treatment to help. You may or may not have to keep taking the meds you’ve been given. The ones you mention are normal and standard issue, we’re all on them. You can deal with side effects later. I know it’s a shock but honestly the best thing you can do for now is please just try to stay calm and hopefully things will work out better than you think. Good luck and best wishes.


Hi I would think the scan is just a check to see if there is anything else going on , I also had a carotid artery scan and a cardiac ultrasound as a precaution .I would be asking why the two procedures you had would cause a stroke .
As others said try not to worry .


Thanks so much for taking time to reply
I had call from stroke outreach team and to my shock the lady said i didnt have a tia. I had a right arterial circulation stroke!! Im upset dr never even told me! Ive been crying a lot with fear and i guess im relieved its not left any physical damage that i can tell?
Ill await heart scan thing on sunday and take it from there. Im just so shocked


@Noni hi & welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve had cause to join us but hopefully you’ll find it a useful place to be.

As @Strings has said try not to worry as it doesn’t help. I know that’s easy to say but not so easy to do.

All the tests you’re having are pretty standard tests after a stroke so don’t worry that they’ve spotted something awful. They m8ght just be ruling things out.

I was 49 too when i had my stroke & had no other health issues. It does come as a shock doesn’t it. Take the time you need to process what has happened. Write down liads of questions so that when you see a consultant or Dr you can get some answers. It’s easy to forget things once you are sat in front of the dr.

Hope your scan goes well on Sunday.

Best wishes


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@Noni you are already taking the right approach, of course you are shocked but take things one at a time, deal with each stage as it comes along. As Ann says write down everything you want to ask and to say then you wont forget and you will feel more in control of what’s happening. Good luck with the scan.

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