I had stroke a couple weeks ago.  Finding g it hard type and speEsh. Just wanted to say hi.  


welcome Lala you will find a lot of friends on this forum. They have been a comfort to me in lots of ways. It isnt easy when you have had a stroke but gradually things will get better. I had mine 4 yrs ago and some things have improved. But it left me with double vision and a bad head all the time which affects my balance and I have difficulty looking up and down and twisting my head which makes every day difficult. Still enough moaning \nd all the best . Norma. 

Morning Norma was reading about your double vision ,I had that with my stroke ,the eye unit made me wear a prism in my glasses and it was like magic I could see only one of everything ,in time I stopped using it and now on my ordinary glasses ...pippy 

Morning lala ,sorry to hear of your stroke ,it's been 9 weeks since mine this site is such a comfort and great that we are all here for each other ...pippy 

Hello Lala, welcome to the forum. I had a cerebellar stroke September 2020, nine months, and still on the recovery journey. smiley

Thankyou xxx

Thankyou xxx

Thankyou xxx

Welcome  ..

My double vision went in April the only tme it is bad is when my eyes are tired at night then I get it a bit. But the day I woke up and it had gone was lovely. I hope my head will follow but its taking a long time still we hope that the MRI will discover what is wrong I have had it for about three years now. On wednesday I am having an ultrsound in my neck to check the arteries hope I spelt it right. they are trying to sort me out thats the main thing. Norma

I hope they discover what is wrong ,it wears you don't don't it ..pippy 

Morning. I had my stroke 3 and half months ago. It was described as serious. Recovering well. The first few weeks can be difficult. Remember to keep positive. You can ask lots of questions here - the support had been great.

Have a good week. 



Hi Norma hope your scan is good could you let us know how it goes if you don't mind as I have same problems and I think arteries in my neck might be the problem.also my hands are freezing cold but that has only just started a couple weeks ago after 15 months post stroke did you ever have that?best wishes.Bernadette.x

smileyhi lala.hope your alright,scary at 1st but it does improve eventually slowly but you also adjust as well.this forum is a good help.keep posting,keep well.Bernadette.x

Very occasionally but thanks for reply. Norma. Best wishes to you too

I had cold hands occasionally. Thanks for replying. Norma.

it does wear me down and I am irritable all the time which my husband keeps reminding me. Thanks Pippa. 

Thankyou xxx

Thankyou xxx

I don't think many people know what we go through physically and mentally unless they themselves have had a stroke...maybe your husband feels your pain and himself gets upset by it