New website for people with stroke

Over the last few weeks I have been using a website like this called different strokes.. it's very good and as 6thousands members it tells you get advice share things I just though people on here might find it useful I do thanks des

Have you tried the Different Strokes Zoom chats yet? 

No not yet but will see Thanks

Hi des I had a look at different strokes is that right you have to log in with Facebook ...pippy 

No you on register on there website hope all is ok is s good website

I'm having trouble getting on it ..pippy 

is this where you're looking??

Hi yeah but it looks like I have to join Facebook or Twitter which I don't want to join ,or am I getting it completely wrong lol..thankyou Pamela ...pippy 

To see the conversations between stroke survivors you need to be a member of their closed group on Facebook. That's the best place. Twitter is too fast moving. I don't bother with twitter but I do like the Facebook group.

Ok thankyou x

I know you might not like Facebook but it's a closed group so if u join Facebook just for that group it would mean that only that group can see your posts all the best 

Thankyou des ..pippy 

Can you send me the link please the more information we receive the better we are able to cope with tia/ stroke 

Here's a link to their website. www.


Thanks for the link to our group ☺️


yes I will give this a try, any information is good as docs dont reallyknow/care.hope you  are doing ok?smileyBernadette x

It's s good website it's on Facebook but it's s closed group so only people within the group can see what members put on is as about 6 thousands members or so the website states but it is good

Did you join the group

Hi no decided to stick to this one ,how's things ..pippy 

Ok that find I have joint both. After the stress and emotional upset of this week it's put my stroke recovery back a number of weeks I cannot walk as well and I an more fatigued then ever but will get there just take longer. I hoping soon to apply for pip and ESA but at the moment I just need rest.hope all is well with kind regards des x