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Hi folks new user here. Steve 55m from fife Scotland. Hope I’ve post in the correct area. Found forum after searching Lacunar stroke.


Hi @Steevo_fife & welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve had cause to join us but now you’re here I hope you find it a supportive & helpful place to be.

Ask any questions you want to & someone will be along to help. Feel free to share your experiences too.

Hope you are getting on ok.

Best wishes



Hi Steve and welcome. I see you are in Fife. That is a nice part of Scotland. I have enjoyed a few trips around Fife in the days when I could travel.


Hi @Steevo_fife
Welcome :slight_smile:

Guess where I am!

You might find the Stroke welcome post useful



Hi @Steevo_fife

sassenach here, used to invade the territory of Fife in order to scuba dive out of Anstruther. good memories. I still have a lump of brass off the Danish royal yacht (sunk) sitting on a shelf.

It’s not all fun and skittles, here and now, but the company is good.
it’s almost two years since my visit to hospital.

keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smiley: :+1:

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@Mrs5K @SimonInEdinburgh @sunnyday @Bobbi Thank you for the welcome. @Bobbi its a beautiful place I am further along the coast but not towards the posh end :joy:

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More Kircaldy than Crail then?

Levenmouth area but I’m an incomer

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Me too only 25 years :slight_smile:
Slowly drifted north over the last few decades from darn sarf :slight_smile:

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Hi @Steevo_fife just popped in to say hello and welcome to the forum :smile: Hope you find some reassurance and comfort in the shared experiences from our fellow stroke survivors :slightly_smiling_face: