New user tutorial

Where can I locate it, please?

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I think EmeraldEyes put a link in your other post.
If you want more info just ask someone will always answer.

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Do you know, because I’m already familiar with this type of forum platform from being a member on other forums; I’ve never actually even thought about those purple buttons at the top of the screen let alone think to direct anyone else to them :laughing:

Points for observation - nil pois :laughing: :blush:


What purple buttons? I can’t see any. Is it me being dumb?

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Buttons/Tabs not sure exactly what they’re called. But then the layout you see will probably differ from what I see as I’m on a computer with full sized monitor.
Sorry if I’m confusing you, I just thought one of those buttons would naturally lead to instructions on how to use this site. There just doesn’t seem to be any obvious place on the screen for that and you’d think there would be :thinking:

And now that I’ve explored them a little more, I don’t think they’re of use to you for what you want. I’m assuming you want to know how to use the site, create posts, edit, search, and so on. The video links Mahoney posted above is still more useful or use the MSG-bot I mentioned in your other post.

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Thanks for your help (and patience). We will try again using Alan’s laptop

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That’s ok, I’m happy to help in any way to get you both onboard, it’s such a help site…not to be given up on :wink: :smile:

The purple “help using this site” button is the start of help pages

The the FAQs are on FAQ @

If you need more specific help I’m happy to help - 07768215335 :slight_smile:

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FAQs wouldn’t have even registered with me in the earlier months of after my stroke :laughing: And I didn’t have a long enough attention span to even try to work it out. It’s only because I’ve used this type of platform before that I’ve managed to traverse this forum. It’s a great reference tool for anything specific but a bit clucky as a tutorial, for say creating a post and editing a post.

I still think using the MSG-bot is better for the basics as it takes you through a step by step guide as you would create and edit a post. And then there is an advanced guide through such things as hyperlinks, build polls, uploading and the likes.

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I agree, the MSG-bot is definitely the best way to learn to use the site.

I’ll see what I can do to make the tutorials less clunky though, that’s certainly not the goal for them. :laughing:

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