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Good evening

My husband had a stroke a few week ago, he has lost peripheral vision in both eyes, and has what he calls left neglect. He has trouble dressing, eating, reading typing, preparing food or drink,  showering and a problem with the stairs.

He can no longer drive.


He was only diagnosed by the gp last Thursday 29th Nov, his eyesight went on the 22nd Oct, he just could not get to see a doctor until I lost it on the phone with them. 

He has only seen that one doctor. Has not been to the hospital or seen a physio.

I am worried with him being left so long that his recovery could be affected. 

I guess I just do not know what to do or what to expect. 

Thank you




Hi there, When you say he has had a stroke, I think it sounds as if you need more than a gp diagnosis. I am not medically qualified, but I think he needs a scan and examination by a stroke consultant. The gp should refer him to the nearest specialist unit. You need to know firstly, if it was a stroke, secondly, what type of stroke was it (bleed or clot) and what medication he needs.

After my stroke, I had an eye examination in hospital and after discharge, I had a specialist eye examination in our local hospital.I also had support from our Community Stroke Team. Unfortunately, not all health authorities offer a good level of support.

Please phone the Stroke Association helpline and explain your situation to them. I am sure their specialist advice will help you. In the meantime, welcome to our forum. Feel free to ask anything you like.

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I think "neglect" might be a specific medical term. Your husband really does need to be assessed. Please consider the advice from John. He is a wise and knowledgeable stroke survivor.

At the very least your husband needs a proper diagnosis. Then you/he can consider how to move forward.

lots of us are here to offer our experienes.




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I agree with John, he needs to go to hospital - if it were me, I would take him straight to A & E and forget about the GP. He needs a scan and the proper medication otherwise he won't get better.  When you say he can no longer drive, did his GP say this or is it because he cannot see properly and has made this decision himself?  Normally, depending on what type of stroke you have, the decision is made by the Stroke Consultant after the scan. Some people, like myself, only have to wait for one month. Others have to suspend their licence until recovery has been made.  Either way, if you can drive him to A & E today yourself, do so or if not just dial 999 and explain your husbands symptoms and they will send an ambulance.  Let us know how you get on. Whatever you do, don't delay.  Do it today. With strokes, time is of the essence. The longer you leave it, the worse your symptoms get and the longer the recovery.  I made that mistake by dialling 111 when I had my stroke when I should have dialled 999.  It made by recovery longer. 

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Hi, absolutely agree with John, Colin and Brenda.  Your husband needs to have a full diagnosis based on (ideally) an MRI scan - this should be done ASAP.  The treatment (or lack of), he has received is disgraceful, he needs attention.  Don't be afraid of being assertive to ensure he gets the help he needs. 

Very best of luck, let us know how you get on.  xx 

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I returned from work yesterday late morning and found my husband in a half dressed confused state. I forced him to A&E, I had to leave him there due to covid but was called back yesterday evening, they have found a brain tumour and what looks like lung cancer.

What awful news for you.  My thoughts are with you at this very difficult time.

I am so sorry to hear your news. Keep in touch while you can't see him becuse of corona virus

So sorry to hear such sad news.  I hope he will get good attention, and the very best the NHS has to offer.  Stay strong, thinking of you xx

Really sorry to hear this.  I hope he gets the best of care that he deserves.  My thoughts are with you both. Please come back on here if you need to chat. 

Oh dear. What an awful string of events. 
my prayers are with you


Thank you all very much.

My husband came out of hospital the following day. He was not able to get on the list for an MRI scan on friday and did not want to stay in hospital. He is taking steroids to reduce the swelling in the brain which has really helped relieve the symptoms. I guess we just have to wait for appointments to come through for him now.