New to this

Hi to all

Good to see  a website like this . Looking for  advice and support whilst  caring for  my  wife who  suffered a  stroke  last September.  Recovery  ongoing  but slow following  4 weeks in hospital  and 12 weeks in rehab at sue ryder. 

Welcome to our forum. Feel free to ask anything or just use this site to let off steam. Alas, recovery from stroke is very slow and stroke has a major impact on both the survivor and the carer. I am four years post stroke and have benefited so much for the support and advice from fellow survivors on this site.

As always, John has such sensible advice.

Can I add that you need care and consideration. If nothing else, so that you can continue to support your better half.

My local stroke group has one day a week solely for the carers. They say they learn so much from this. And a few hours away from home is beneficial. They even have days out.

Stroke is a long long journey. The good thing is that things do improve. Ever so slowly but they do improve.

I keep a stroke diary and this is helpful to remind me of just how much improvement I have had.

Can your wife transfer unaided ? Thats a massive milestone.

Keep smiling. And get the wife to smile a lot. It is amazingly effective.


Thanks for the replies . Will tell you more later

Hello Everyone, suffered stroke last November, three months in hospitals, hope to be going home soon, this is a fantastic site and still finding my way about