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34 years of age was rushed to hospital to be informed so sorry you have a stroke. It’s loke a light has gone out for me so emotional as lost my grandpa to a stroke 18 months ago. I feel I don’t belong in this body as can’t use my left side correctly having rehab struggle to talk on the phone and to be me. Tell me does this get easier 

OK, take a deep breath, you've come to the right site.  You will get advice, reassurance, good information and support from people who've had similar experiences.  Everyone will recognise the emotion and apprehension in your post, but they will all tell you that things will improve - and they will.  You have to learn to be kind and patient with yourself.  If you're up to it, google "Letter from your brain", it's very emotional, but will show you that there's hope, and life after stroke is not all gloom and doom.  You have age on your side, but you will need plenty of rest to give your brain a chance to heal.  

Take good care, especially in the early days, listen to your body and try not to overdo things.  Thinking of you x

Dear Mummy

I have just climbed up a step ladder to mend the guttering. And I am cooking supper tonight. In December 2015 I was in the same situation as you. Left side of body not responding and for good measure half the right side as well. And speech was pure agony. So Mummy, this DOES get easier.

For the time being listen to the physios and do exactly what they tell you, only do it three times over. Hopefully you have a close person visiting and they will be worried sick. Let them have breaks from seeing you. Tell them to catch the earlier bus or just go and have coffee/lunch/sit in the family room. 

Decide that you are not going to be caught by the waves of depression that stroke often sends you. 

Then let the tiredness send you to sleep. That might be 18 hours a day. Just let your body (brain) rest. Forget all the responsibilities you had before stroke. You need to be fit again but you cant be fit for some time yet. So let the healing begin.

Ask anything you like. One of us will know what you mean, if not all of us.

Be positive. Try and smile. You are not alone.





Whoa, easy tiger, guttering & supper!!  It's great to hear that you can manage that & hopefully you won't suffer too much tomorrow laugh

Totally agree with your comments to Mummy.


Thank you. I am so careful when moing. Years of recovery have ensured I always have a fall back, even up a step ladder. As for surviving my cooking, now thats a different matter.

Having to plan ahead, buy what I need (shopping doesnt come easy) feed my cat then cook is all a big deal to my new damaged brain.

I wanted to assure Mummy that things do get better. She has a long long journey to follow. As you and I know only too well.

Goodnight everyne




Hi Mummy, you have had sound advice from others already. All I would add is that two years ago I had the same feeling of not being in my body. Then one morning I ‘came back’ as it were. From then on, things got better. I had the same left sided weakness, but with physio things improved. Today, I have been taken shopping for clothes, visited friends and cooked a meal. So things do get better. I wish you well.

Seven years post stroke and improving every day. You've had excellent advice from the respondents below.  Yes, it does get easier. The advice of your therapists is golden, and practice makes perfect. Try your hardest, and feel good about the slightest advances. Develop an attitude of gratitude!

Thank you 

Thank you all 


I'm so sorry to hear about your stroke - when did it happen? 

Stroke affects people in different ways which makes it difficult to predict the amount of time recovery will take. Recovery rates differ for many reasons, for example, the area of the brain that has been damaged and your health before the stroke. The most recovery after stroke tends to happen within the first few weeks and months, but you might still make progress for a long time after your stroke although it may be slower.

The advice you have been given below is invaluable - rest as much as you can, and need and keep practicing your therapy, even when you're not with your therapist, try and do the exercises they have given you a couple of times a day. 

Things will get easier, and it is important to seek as much support as possible. Are you in touch with one of our stroke coordinators?

Take care