New to this life

Had my strokes 2019 Xmas was living with my daughter and grandchildren after losing my wife and eldest daughter 2018 Xmas so wasn’t a great time then year later strokes, right side weak was weak as had polio when 4 years old but managed it, lus before she passed we were due to retire and just brought a new house and moved out of area after 35 years and be near our second daughter and grandchildren, ordinary day then wife sat down and missed chair fell on floor tok her to a&e were they kept her in case was stroke after test they said she had lung and was signs of brain cancer, just happened so quick we had only just ost our eldest to cancer in august, then wife passed Xmas 28 I was in a daze for months new house new area then Xmas was at my youngest daughter and grandchildren house woke up wobble Boxing Day went to a&e where I spent week said had bleed on brain and needed operation, the rest seems like a dream that was 31/2 years ago now 70 nd living with my daughter and grandchildren back where we came from most of our friends have moved on plus covid lockdown haven’t been able to get out plus mobility not great have mobility scooter but only use in summer as winter affect me a lot just sat in doors watching tv Al day trying to get out and meet people not easy as most places shut due to covid this is a short version don’t won’t to bore people.

Hi and welcome. If you want to chat to other stroke survivors Different Strokes charity have fortnightly Zoom meetings. Small 'breakout rooms on Zoom of max. 6 people mean everyone gets a chance to speak (if they want to). There’s one this Monday. Here’s the link to find out more and how to join. You don’t need to book). And its free I like free!) If you can’t make onday this page tells youy when future meetings take place. Maybe see you there??

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Hello @Mickyboy, welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear you’ve had such a rough ride, I hope you are able to find some sanguine thoughts to help you go forward.

Hi mikeyboy
Your words went home to me and I can see I’m not the only person feeling you do. I always come out swinging if I’m backed into a corner no matter who it is. Having this stroke has only made me determined to fight my way through it. I’m used to a fast life fast bikes pushing the boundaries just because I could. And drinking a lot of beer after a day out. And now I’m being talked to like I’m five…. Not happening to me again not now not ever. I’ll beat it or I’ll die trying but no one is changing me into a shell with no life in my mind. Tell them loud and make sure they understand IM A PERSON WITH BROKEN PARTS NOT A BRAINLESS SHELL GO BE TOLD IM CLEVER FOR WIPING MY OWN BACKSIDE. :wink::woozy_face:sorry folks I’m new to this life and I don’t bloody well like it at all.

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