New to the site

Hi new to this site had a stroke 2 weeks ago so emotional 

Welcome to the forum, pippy.

Lots of people are here for you.

emotionality is very common. The good thing is that it does ease over time. In the meantime i have a mantra....

be positive

smile a lot, false forced faked or real, just smile

you are not alone


Thankyou so much Colin ,it feels like your so alone at times mixed with emotions worry all-sorts of things ,and the why me thinking ...I'm struggling with my eyes the most my walking is ok apart from bit wobbly ,hope your having a good day ,I've tryed to bit positive I've potted some seeds today ,pippy

Not navigating around this site too well at the moment ,sorry if I mess things up 


Do take it easy, very easy, for the next two weeks as us stroke survivors are vulnerable for the first month.

I too sowed some seeds today, it was very warm and sunny down here in rural Essex. Dahlias for the flower beds and sweet corn for the veg patch.

That was a very positive thing for you to do. Well done.

as you help your legs to walk better, do remember that none of your limbs are damaged, just the messaging system from your poorly brain

best wishes



Yeah loverly and warm today I'm in Essex too ,I potted tomatoes ,rocket ,carrots and beetroot,and flowers for the wildlife ,yes I'm taking it a bit easy but usually I'm rushing around at work so struggling a bit ,sounds like you have had a good day too ,not really understanding the brain much yet ,


I am not sure you can mess things up. I am also new having a stroke 7 weeks ago. I am also emotional. Still having good days and bad days. For me I think the important things that I am learning are too slow down, rest, sleep, set small targets. Do not try to think to far ahead  - take it one day at a time. Think about your progress a week at a time (writing it down helps me)

I've also started to do short relaxation/meditations(all found online and simple apps)

I am finding the more tired I get the emotional I am.

Welcome - things do start to settle down. Slowly ?


Thankyou janec,yes it's early days but I feel I've changed as a person too ,I'm so anxious all the time the slightest pressure in my head I'm worried about having another one then I get emotional ,it's a big challenge ,meditation seems a good idea ,thankyou  



Before stroke i had no problem sowing seeds that germinated. Now i cant get lettuce nor carrots to grow. Nor many flowers. Today i am resowing sweet corn. I do like sweet corn. And soon the asparagus will be ready . Much later than previous years, but its dry and cold wind.

more bad dreams last night. Are you getting bad dreams ? In the early days i also had hallucinations, which were great fun. I think hallucinations are  uncommon. I hated the really bad dreams, or night terrors, then nightmares were not good and now bad dreams are not too upsetting. I dreamt about an opticians shop in Pinner, with all sorts of details, yet i never used that optician. Yes i shopped in Pinner, but not the opticians. Our brains are weird and thats nothing to do with stroke. 
my much loved cat has come to join us in the conservatory. He is waiting for the garden to warm up. 
i love your picture that you use on here.



Morning yes I've been having dreams everynight,sometimes they are bad other times I'm going right back to childhood and remembering things I'd forgotten ,lastnight just got to bed closed my eyes and saw my late dad smiling at me I actually said out loud hello dad ,then he went ....yes our brains are weird but yet so powerful ..thankyou the picture is of my youngest grandchild she will be 1 next month,haven't seen her a great deal because of the pandemic ,and because I was working with covid patients I didn't see any of them only on facetime which upset me ,well good luck with your sowing ,bit chillier today 


Dear Pippy

how have you been working with covid patients ?

It is a lovely picture of your youngest gchild.

i know how much missing gchildren can be. I have visited care homes for my mum in law and i noted how upset residents were when their visitors left. Goodness knows what its been like for the past 14 months.

I grew up in a large family environment. But now there is not much family contact at all. At least i dont have the upset of not seeing them.

when the stroke got me, i went to Colchester hospital. It was excellent. One of the best. The medics got to me within minutes of our call. No waiting, straight into the dedicated resus stroke area and a nurse allocated to me, she didnt leave my bedside until i was taken to the ward. I was pleasantly surprised.

best wishes





Hi I work in our local university hospital so worked flat out everyday ,it's been a struggle the first wave ,then the second ,saw way too many families ripped apart due to covid ...sorry to hear you don't have much family contact ,my family are my world,my daughter works at the hospital too she didn't see her children for 4months during the pandemic but the separation was affecting the children so worked around the children ,sounds like you had lots of expertise when you feel ill which is so good hardest part of this stroke is my anxiety,and emotions,I've lost no power in arms just a bit wobbly on legs but my eyesight is a bit fuzzy but I think it's getting better,...and I'm not. Used to being off work I know it's a long progress,but will get there probaly lots of tears and laughter and probaly all at once !!..

Have a nice day 


Hello everyone ,I had my stroke nearly 5 weeks ago.I have been home nearly 3 weeks which was a miracle but I was determined to get home as they were doing nothing for me in hospital I literally felt abandoned I have come on leaps and bounds since leaving hospital my friends an family are an amazing support my husband is amazing holding down a full time job and looking after me my name is Debbie and I am 58 years old.

Hi Debbie welcome and glad your making good progress ..pippy 

Hello Debbie, welcome to the forums, hope we can help with your recovery journey. I am eleven months on, cerebellar stroke, tackling each day as it comes.