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Hi everyone my name is Gavin I was 20yr old when l had my stroke a very scary moment in my life. I lost all movement down my right side and was in hospital for around 3 months. 
mom now 50yr old and have learned to live with conditions it has left upon me but one that l can't get my head around is "restless leg". 
it has spoiled many things in my life from going to a cinema or on a plane on holiday for example. 
it's not a painful thing to have just a major discomfort. 
my doctor put me on "Ripinorole" not sure of spelling and well that helps but I don't like how it makes you feel after taking it. 
Has any experienced similar and could maybe suggest something to try or discuss with my doctor. ??


Good day Gavin. Im happy to hear you survive stroke. You are young so im sure you will get better and better. Just stay positive ☺️

I have brother (27 years old) he is still in rebilitation hospital. Same like you he cant move his right side. Basically not able to tallk only few words. If you don't minde can i ask you? How was and how is now with you about talking? I want help him just dont have much information how to do better?!

Take care and wish you good health ?

Dear RAminta

When you speak to brother, think carefully before you speak. Then say whatever you want to, but clearly and slowly. It may take a minute for his brain to work out what you said, then understand, then think of the reply then get his tongue and mouth to work.


Thank you Colin i will do my best??


Hi Gavin - Sorry to hear about your stroke. I also suffer from restless leg syndrome. I had it before my stroke occasionally but since my stroke, I have it regularly.  It usually starts if I go to bed and I'm not 100% tired.  It gets worse if I am hot so, particularly in this hot weather, I have slept with no quilt on which also helps.  If I have it, I generally get it for 4/5 nights on the trot and then have a couple of weeks respite. I dread it happening and sometimes because I am so concious that it is going to start up, I can actually think myself into having it!  I am lucky that I don't suffer from it other than in bed.  I do find if I turn on my side and put my stroke leg under my other leg, it calms it down but I always sleep on my back so I tentitively move back onto my back as soon as I feel it has subsided.  

My GP says there is no cure and the medication is one which relaxes all of you which I didn't like the sound of.  Don't know if that is the same one you are on? He also said it can be hereditary too. I remember my late parents both suffered from it very much and my brother also suffers from it. They say compression sox help and hot/cold compresses both of which are a pain to put up with on days like we are having at the moment!  One thing I have noticed is that garlic makes it worse so I avoid that at teatime.

It's good to read your post as I can relate to all that you say in it. 
ive put up with it for 30yrs but it does get you down. 
My doctor said to excersise, by going for a walk but as daft as it may sound that makes it worse for me, so I don't do it. 
And yes can fully agree with you regards the medication side of things as what I was given make my legs feel like jelly. I believe they are used to treat Parkinson's disease. 
Thanks for the reply it's nice to know I'm not alone   

Take care - Gavin #staysafe

Hi Raminta 

I was 20yrs old when l had my stroke and like your brother had movement issues and my speech was not good. 
I am now 50yrs of age and can saw things are do much better. 
But by the time I was 21 I was back driving my car and my speech got so much better. 
I still have some mobility issues but nothing that I can't cope with. 
Your brother will be thinking his world has ended at this time but that's not the case. 
with the help I got in hospital from physio therapy I was back moving again within a few weeks. 
My advice to your brother at this time would be to do everything that is asked of him be that physio or any other kind of therapy, there is no such word as I can't. 
Trust me he can and more he does it the better it will get for him. 
I taught myself how to tie the laces on my trainers purely from frustration as when l needed them on my feet all the nurses were busy.

Chin up you'll see big changes in him in the weeks to come and in courage him all the way. 

Take care - Gavin

ps- I'd be happy to talk with him in the weeks to come if he wants to. 


They do say Magnesium Spray can help but it depends what medication you are on as to whether you can use it or not.  I tried it for about a month spraying it on my legs but it didn't do anything for me :(  I walk everyday and go to the gym pre-lockdown 2/3 times a week. I agree, it doesn't make any difference.  I did read somewhere about someone in America that was so bad, she had both her legs amputated (shock,horror!!) to cure it.  Guess what..  it didn't! She still had the sensation but elsewhere!  Only in America eh!

Hello Gavin

Thank you for message me.

Hahaha,i was thinking you are still 20 years old ;D

Happy to hear that you doing wellangel

Today i was talking on phone with brother second time. And yes...his speach is not so good but few words i understand.Firs time when i was talking i wasnt prepared how to do that.I read,watch some videos and people from here give me advice.So today i bealive i done well. Funny brother,he was swearing few times and its make me laught :D and he was laughting too.Its cheer me up blush

I know from nurses he do like physiotherapy just speach theraphy sometimes he refuse. He was man who like to be fit so i hope it will help him.

Im so thankful for your proposal to talk with him.He dont have his phone and i calling to hospital.As soon as he will be better and  have his phone i will tell him about you and My Stroke Guide definitely.

Take care


Hi Raminta

your brothers speech will improve it may take time but it will come, each day you will see a difference in it. 
I'm glad he is able to laugh at things because laughter is life's medicine and it's free of charge. 
One thing I will say to you though is to prepare for the bad days, when your brother feels low and I can assure you that he will shout and blame you for everything. 
He won't mean it it's purely frustration on his part, I was like that a lot I'd have 2good days and then a bad one. 
Just be prepared for that and don't take it seriously at all it's just frustrating when things you took for granted you can't do anymore. 

Best wishes Gavin 



Oh Brenda, that's made me feel really weird!! As you say, only in America!!  

Hope you're staying safe, sane and healthy - love Nic xx

Hey Gavin?

Thanks for all advices. Its helpful. Yes i know already he have bad mood sometimes.If nurse tell me he is not in good mood im not talking with him just not to make him more upset. As long as i know he is behaving good. He is not aggressive or angry. They say more he is bored sometimes. I hope soon i will be able to visit him and maybie bring something to help him?

Take care


Your brother is so lucky to have you looking out for him ?

Awww thank you ?

He is my little brother. I was cleaning his bum when he was baby ??and i do love him whatever it was in his life. 

Not sure about sane LOL! But safe and healthy.  I'll be a lot saner when I can get my flipping hair cut. It's driving me crackers! I noticed that Matt Hancock quickly let out one sentence about dentists being open next week last night so I rang this morning only to find that mine is not taking appointments at the moment as they are giving priority to patients with pain. They've been open throughout lockdown for patients with pain so how about the rest of us!

Hi Raminta - this site will definitely help you, so keep in touch.  Yes making some notes of your brother's progress will surprise you, and also him, once he's well enough to read it.  

I've learnt so much from all the stroke survivors who post here, I really would not have managed without their support and advice. 

If you have time, Google "A letter from your brain", it gives a perspective on the effects of stroke, and will help you to begin to understand some of what your brother will be experiencing.

Take care xx 

Hello NicABella21?

Nice to hear you. Hope you are ok?

Thank you for sharing. I read it and yes its powerful. Slowly i understand more and more. And i can say my brother already can say few more words its make me feel happy ?

Tace care?