New to the group

Hi I'm new to this group......

I had my stroke last September and I have been left with Aphasia it's not to bad but I get very frustrated when I can't think of the words I want to say.

What I want to say is I feel different to how I used to be. I look the same but I feel different, I don't know how to explain it but I just dont feel like me anymore. 

Sorry if that looks a bit odd but I found it hard to write in more ways than one.

Lorraine, Welcome to our group. I know exactly how it feels not to feel like 'you'. When I had my stroke I felt that the me I had always known was not in my body. After a few weeks I sensed 'me' was back, but not it's old self. Then, this year, four years post stroke,I felt I was the old 'me' again personality wise. However, I still have a weak left side and cannot walk as I used to. I also cannot do as much as I used to, but 'I' still exists. Hope that makes sense. Never give up.

No it doesnt look odd at all.

Other stroke survivors understand what you go through and yes we change and feel different.

The memory also goes. Long term memory can be permanent loss and short term memory can be slow, but usually improves after many months.

My aphasia was not severe and it got easier for six months then pretty much disappeared. So hang on in there.

Smile a lot (amazingly effective)

Be positive (Think what you can do rather than what you can not)

Lots of us are here for you



Hi I am new to this group. My son had a stroke whist living in Thailand last September and had to return to England in February. He has left a partner and 2 year old daughter behind in Thailand. I realise it is very difficult for him, prior to his stroke he was a healthy 47 year old working as an English teacher. Since returning to England his walking has improved although he can't move his right arm. Lee was having sessions with the speech and language therapist but these have stopped due to caronavirus. I have bought flash cards to try and help with his aphasia, I try to encourage him to practise the exercises that might help him to regain his speech but to no avail. He is just not interested in anything I suggest to encourage him and I really don't know what to do. I have explained the importance of practising every day to enable him to get back to some kind of normality but he refuses every time. I would really appreciate any imput from the group regarding tips or ideas.

Hi, I am so sorry that your son had a stroke and I know how you are feeling, my son aged  31 had a stroke August 2019 leaving him with right side paralysis.Nothing prepares you for what you are going through,but life goes on. Leaving his partner and child behind must have had a massive impact on him,have you talked to his doctor about his mental health. Maybe he may benefit from some help with this.It is so hard when they seem to loose motivation,unfortunately only they can put the work in with their recovery,all we can do is support them and celebrate every small achievement. We kept a video diary and now and again I will look back just to remind how far he has come.It is difficult but we have to keep encouraging even if at times it falls on deaf ears. My son can now walk ,but as yet had very little movement in his arm.....but we remain hopeful.  I believe there are online free apps that may help with his aphasia,it may be worth doing a little research.

Take care




Have you  tried getting him to join in with the forum himself. I have found the direct communication with fellow survivors has had a great effect on my recovery, I use a chat forum and consider all the other regulars as my family.


Thank you very much for your reply. I will keep trying to motivate Lee and will keep you updated. 

Yes I have tried to involve him with the forum but at the moment has difficulty with his writing. I am encouraging him to let me help with this. Thank you.

Cant think of any other ideas I could throw at you but I'm sure other readers will come along with suggestions. Recovery is hard won and there are no easy steps. I tried many ideas out at the beginning of my stroke, in fact anything that got fingers or mouth working was attempted. Im in my sixth year now and am still able to improve things.

Good luck


Hi I am new to this group too. I'm sorry to hear about your son. My mum had a massive stroke in April 2019, she used to be so fit and active and still worked part time aged 72! The stroke has given her right side paralysis, she cannot walk and no movement at all in her right arm. She was having lots of physio, OT and speech therapy but that has stopped for now and I am having to do the therapy with her. I know how you feel as some days she just doesn't want to do any therapy at all. I just have to keep encouraging her to try. A good online app for your son to try is Cuespeak. My mum's speech therapist recommended it and there are some good exercises on it to practice his speech. I wish you both all the best for the future x