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Hello everyone,  my name is Donna. I had a stroke last January due to high bloodpressure, I've been left with left side weakness and a non functioning arm/hand. I can walk with a crutch but not the same as before. I also have spasticity in my arm,hand and ankle. I am finding things hard at the moment, it's so hard to get use to the new me. 

 hi Donna, Just take your time and keep doing your physio as this the only road to go down to get your mobility back unfortunatley!. And i f this is the "new You" take each day as it comes and realise and enjoy every little achievement . Im sure you will be just fine chuck.X

Dear Donna

welcome to the forum.

only another stroke survivor understands what you are going through.

I would not accept that my arm/hand will not work. I would be determined that my hand will move and I would work at that several times each day. Use all your thoughts to tell your brain to get the arm to move. 

I still have left sided weakness and this year some of that weakness has lifted. I am six years post stroke.

I smile many times each day. I get very positive thoughts and this mind game will work. Nag your brain enough and it will respond. If however you accept your left arm/hand won't work then your brain will let things be and will concentrate on other things. 
the two years after stroke will be more likely to show improvement, but even after two years there is still hope.

good on you for finding the new me. It will help you, and your family or friends to grasp that you are not going to be the same as before stroke.

No two strokes are the same. On day one I could use my right hand and no other parts of my body. By day five I got out of the bed and walked. Medics said that was very very unusual. But it happens !

from your brief posting, you come across as being a true tryer.

things do improve. And now the pandemic is easing then maybe you will get the support you need.

Bless you


Welcome Donna. It is hard to accept the new you, but if you continue exercising, you will improve. My stroke was over five years ago and this morning I calculated that it took a good three years to get a sense of some normality. I also had some spasticity in the early days, but only have a little now. I also have left side weakness. It helps to use your weak arm and hand as much as you can.

Spot on mate. I have found that physio really works. Even on the days I feel tired I will do some, if not all of my exercises. But I do notice tiny improvements. Some days can be bad and difficult. Determination will help too. This group is really supportive. Keep hanging in there. x

Hi Donna-  Don't think of this as the new you.  It's the new temporary you.  You will change as time goes by, but it takes effort. It's only been a few months for you.  That's a short time in stroke recovery.  I was totally paralyzed on my left side. I had physical and occupational therapy for months. They also used electro stimulation (like a tens unit-which can be bought on the internet and other places) to wake up the nerves to my brain, and would tie my hands to a hand bike that moved.(so that my brain learned the movement even though I couldn't do it myself.)Walked with a walker for weeks,  a cane for months.  Then without a cane, increasing my steps by a few each day.  Today, 3 years later, I walk 1 1/2 miles a day on my own.  I still make myself use my left hand for everything, opening doors, reaching up for my vitamins, etc.  Today, I play the ukelele.  One of the nurses in the hospital told me that CBD oil helps with spasticity, but docs can't prescribe it as it's not FDA approved yet.(I got some from a health store and then from the internet)  I needed it for my leg spasms, chest spasms and anxiety.  It helped me a lot the first year or so.  I rarely need it now.  Everyone's recovery progresses differently.  I only mention mine so you can see what can be possible.  It's a long and ongoing journey.  I'm still working on my recovery.  But if you keep working at it and keep positive,  you'll be rewarded.  I'll remember you in my prayers tonight, Donna.  smiley Love, Jeanne

It is hard and it is so slow that you hardly see any improvement. 

There are no guarantees of improvement, but you really have to drive yourself forward once the 'help' has stopped. 

There is no old you, there is no new you......there is just YOU and have been dealt a hand that none of us wanted. I am 5 years on, my stroke sounds similar to yours. I live independently, unfortunately had to quit work and that throws up even more concerns. But there are improvements ahead. The next part of life will be totally different to the previous. 

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Hi Donna welcome to the group ,just keep being determined,to move your limbs,I was so stubborn when I had my stroke in April,and kept trying different things and am getting there slowly slowly my main problem now is anxiety that it's caused which I'm getting help for ,but keep doing little excercises it will defently benefit you ,wish you well ..pippy 

How are you hope all is well des

Welcome to the group it's good to have people who understands what u are going though all the best des

Welcome to the stroke survivor forums, every month is a new milestone, no matter how small. I had a cerebellar stroke, September 2020, still recovering slowly. I take each hour at a time, and seek out the small blessings in life to urge me onwards.

 Im not too bad thanks Des although i am still struggling with this damn fatigue and now worried about going back to work too

thanks for Asking Des, Hows yourself?


good for you 



A bit like yourself ☺️ fatguie is a pain cannot go back to work and if this fatguie does not go I doubt I will. I have applied for ESA limited work capacity so we will see. Can you apply for it as I know what some on this site who cannot get ssp but have  got ESA instead all the best des

Hello everybody, my husband has been in hospital for nine weeks following a second hemmorhagic stroke. The first stroke was only six weeks earlier. The hospital is now talking about discharge to a nursing home for long term care. I feel absolutely overwhelmed and don't know what I should be doing and when to do things to prepare us for the future. Any advice would be most welcome.


good afternoon, I am so sorry toread of your plight, I had my stroke in October2020 andhave been lucky enough to have been placed into the hands of Icanho livibility here in suffolk. Ifeel for you knowing your husband is to be placed into care.I am assuming you have contacted the stroke associationto see if they can help sadly the whole world has taken a beating from thid virus which ,sadly has not helped you or your husband   try Icanho too based in stowmarket in suffolk try also lasc ; life after stroke I assume you are internet savvy. to find numbers for those mentioned above good luck angel, and I wish your husband a speedy recovery.



Thank you for your kind words.

Vicq,  You and your husband are going through a scary time. I know because  I had a stroke 3 years ago.   I don't know the extent of your husband's inabilities, but  before you "fall off the deep end" psychologically,  consider that occupational and physical therapies do wonders.  I was totally paralyzed on my left side and had to drink gelled water for a while in order to swallow well.   Today the paralysis is gone.  I walk 1 1/2 miles a day and play ukelele with both hands.   I had therapy , including electro stimulation, 3 times a day in the hospital and physical and occupational therapy for many months after coming home.   Again, I don't know your husband's condition, but if he is able, be sure he is in a place that is rehabilitative, not just custodial.   There is always hope.   I will remember you and your dear husband in my prayers tonight. Love, Jeannesmiley

Do you have a stroke team near your there are a great help if not ask your GP if there are any support that is available to you also there is another web site call different stroke is runin Facebook but it's a private group and only members of it can see the posts etc all the best des

morning, I had same stroke but back right in March. I get extreme headaches daily which they have tried a few things, dizziness I get at least twice a week, got given tablets but still continues, had mri scan few months ago showed only the old stroke so after many conversations with doctors and different tablets still no conclusion, said it probably the type of stroke I had. Hopefully will disappear with time. Hope all is ok with you