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Hi, I am new to the site.  I woke up on the morning of May 19, 2020 completely numb on my entire left side.  I thought I had slept funny and pinched a nerve.  Over the next few days, I realized how severe the paralyisis on my left side was. I could not even wash my own hair or pull up my own pants.  At the urging of my husband and daughter I phoned 111 for advice on May 24, 2020.  Naturally, They advised I go to A & E immedietely and I did.  I was sent home from A&E that night and told I would need to comein for an MRI on June 5th.  The MRI found evidence of 2 strokes.  I am waiting to see a neuroligist on August 11th, 2020.  I have tried to learn as much as I can about strokes over the last 3 months while waiting to see the neurologist.  I am still paralyzed on my left side but my leg is working again even though I am not able to walk or stand for too long.  My entire left side upper body, arm, hand and fingers are still totally numb and very hard to use.  Also the back of my head on the left side is numb.  I am pretty sure the first stroke was approx. 2 years ago because I had my left side go numb like this then for about 2 months but never went to the Doctor for it and seemed to go back to normal.  Im very worried and scared ... but I think part of that is just the not knowing what, why, how and what I need to be doing.  Also, Im terrified of having another stroke.  It seems so very long to go without any medical advice after having a stroke that has left my left side paralyzed for so long.  Holding my breathe until I see neuroligist.

Hi Eva.

Have they put you on medication? Statins and blood thinners should reduce the chance of another stroke. 

I had left side paralysis too. My fingers would not move despite me willing them to, until my physio used electric stimulation, then it was a slow journey to use my hand and arm again. I was getting stronger at the gym, just using my stroke arm doing some two handed excersises. Then lockdown. Now I am back to where I was just about three months past stroke (I am a year and a half in) the worst thing is the ache. Because my arm just hangs down it aches. Recently too if I get cold my arm goes really cold, making my whole body goes cold and it takes ages to get warm again.

Legs come back quickly just because we use them much more naturally and our hands are more specific. Fine motor skills have gone out of the window for me!

I don't know a great deal about what is going on in our heads. If you think hand movement is complicated our brains are a million times more so.

You have found a good site here though. You will get lots of good advice. Ask anything you want to we will try to help.

Stay safe.

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