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Hi everyone, I have just found My Stroke Guide, and glad to find people who know what I'm trying to describe.  I had my stroke 24th January 2020.  Started as a normal morning 06.15 thought my left leg felt strange but carried on and took the dog out, then found my left arm wasn't doing what I wanted it to do.  Got back into house and looked in mirror to find my face had drooped and now my speech was slurred. I woke my husband up and phoned 111, they sent an ambulance immediately, they assessed me and took me straight to hospital.  Got a ct scan and admitted to the stroke ward. By the time I got to the ward I could use my leg and arm again and my face was normal again. They said it was a TIA and I was discharged later that day.  However, I had to go to my G.P. 2 days later as I have been left with no sensation on left side, arm, leg face, the whole side.  Was referred back to hospital and had another head scan, they phoned 3 days later to confirm it was a stroke. Nobody seemed bothered about the lack of sensation. My hand and arm feel frozen constantly, like they are in a bucket of ice, and I also have no taste, sometimes there's slight taste but not like anything should taste, it's like a dirty taste. I think I'm having bother with the fact this has happened to me. The stroke nurse has referred my to an occupational therapist to see if they can help.

sorry to have gone on so long.  I do realise how lucky I am, and this could have been so much worse.

Dear Audrey

Welcome to the forum. It is indeed a place to find those of us that know what its like to have a stroke.

I am not clear whether you had a TIA. When discharged from hospital, a letter will have been sent to your GP. You should have a copy. If not, ask the staff at your GPs to arrange a copy for you. It will clearly state your diagnosis. I do hope its a TIA, as these do not leave any permanent damage. Recovery is quick and total. Well quick by stroke standards. TIA is a stroke.

It sounds to me as though you had a "full" stroke and not a transient. But we are all different. No two strokes are ever the same.

A change of taste is quite often found. My appetite (faddy before stroke) was intantly good but some things tasted foul. This lasted for three years and is now pretty minimal.

What you can do, whatever the diagnosis, is to get good and regular sleep. Also to relax. Use whatever techniques suit you, but please get on to the relaxation wagon. You cpu;d also make sure every digit is wiggled several times each day. Get your rain used to the nedd to move all joints and muscles.

I go to gentle yoga. There are lots of alternatives such as tai chi, group relaxation, groupanxiety and so on. They really will help you.

And contact your local stroke group. Look at your GP surgery for details and contacts.

As I say, I do hope its a TIA and then you will be fine within a few weeks. Do not take a TIA lightly. It just might be a warning of what might follow if you dont slow down etc

Best wishes


Anybody on anti-depressants or anxiolytics like Xanax? I had a subarchnoid hemorrhage on Jan 27-2020. And since then having panic attacts which raise my BP. 
I live alone and Xanax really helped to overcome the fear that it'll happen again. I only take 0.25 mg once or twice a day.

Hi Sibel,

I had a subarachnoid hemorrhage in April last year, I did feel quite anxious when I first came home after 7 weeks in 3 different hospitals but I wasn't prescribed any anti-depressants. I have to say you are doing amazingly well to be posting on here in such a short time after your sah, well done you! Hope your recovery continues well, good luck x

Just citalopram for anxiety, along with all the blood pressure and cholestorol stuff and aspirin for blood thinning. 

Not worried about it happening again. Cant control the future.