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Hi there hope everyone is well and keeping safe

Well what a year before Christmas everything was OK hubby suffers from arthritis but apart from that he ok and than no warning signs he had a massive stroke Christmas eve than my whole world trun upside down he now home he bed bound we try to lift his spirit tell him he would be able to walk again but bless him he feels like a burden to us my elder boy can't cope with seeing his dad like this my youngest well he a star me well good days bad days how did everyone else cope 

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Dear   Teresa
so sorry to hear of husbands stroke. But welcome to the forum.

nearly all of us had a stroke that was unexpected. Recovery can come and is usually quite good for two years at least. But its all so slow.

i had a stroke just before christmas, some years ago and my biggest impression was going in to the ward with christmas decorations twinkling.

i knew nothing about strokes. Day one i was 90% paralysed, couldnt turn over, couldnt sit myself up. But one morning i felt energy run through my veins. I got off the bed and walked. Well stumbled, but i was walking. 
never give up. Recovery can come. If hubby can transfer that will make all the difference.  A real goal to aspire to. Everything can follow once he can make the first transfer.

i now will never go to bed during the daytime. Sleep on the settee if necessary, but i always get up.

we do get a good day then a bad day. I soon realized i got better if i was positive. So i used to laugh on the bad days because i knew the next day would be good.

my mantra positive, smile time and time again, you are not alone. 
say hello to hubby from me. 

best wishes



Hello Colin thank you so much for welcome also the postive message my hubby Colin as well

Our next big step is for him to transfer himself from bed to chair and bless him ge so determined to do this

I will pass on your postive Post

You take care 

I had a stroke two and a half years ago. I walk with a roll actor but recently have a problem with my back. I was encouraged to read the optimistic comments made by you. I keep on trying. Lilian

Hi Teresa


Sorry to read about your husband's stroke. It's still very early days for him. The brain is amazing and can rewire itself. unfortunately it takes a long time, and lots of practice, but recovery is possible. Hopefully he's still having physio which will help him by teaching him the exercises he needs to do. My stroke was five and a half years ago and I'm strill improving. i do work hard at it though.



Dear Lilian

back pain is the pits, isnt it.

after two years, we are likely to get muscle problems because of the inactivity, or because of the different movements we make. Maybe you can adjust your bed or pillows. I spent ages trying different sleeping positions especially pillows. Even now, i use two pillows plus a third pillow at right angles alongside, so that i can put my arm on this and adjust my back and neck.

i recently had sciatica, which had me perplexed for months, but it eventually went away.

i still need to remind myself to smile, smile and smile again.

the fact that you keep on trying, guarantees you will have lots of improvement.

My cat gives me huge pleasure. Puts my problems in to perspective. All he wants is food, shelter and a bit of affection. Never had a pet before. Admitedly i have a very long garden for my cat to enjoy.

best wishes





Dear Colin thank you for replying to my post.I like your comment about smiling and about cat. I am today trying a heat patch which seems to be working! Lovely to get a response. Hope your cat gives you lots of pleasure .  Regards Lilian

The smiling is based on medical research. I learnt it from an excellent physio. It really works for me. Any smile will trigger a positive response from my brain. It is a key factor in our recovery.

i am so pleased that you are having some joy with a heat patch. Well done Lilian. 

my much loved cat, Sooty Oscar the magnificent (yes he really is registered with the whole name) is a huge help. He came to our kitchen door in 2017 then he adopted us. He is big, rather ugly, but i love him so much. We have not had any pets in the first 46 years of marriage, but we are besotted now.

i am home alone and Sooty comes to sit nearby. We are in the conservatory. We have had a house guest and Sooty adopted him as well. I beleve Sooty is about five years old. I have made a very good friend in the village. She is the cat lady and today she is caring for 23 cats. I enjoy her company. She helped me a lot with the care i needed to keep Sooty happy.

so nice to hear from you.

we can beat this stroke thing



Thank you so much for the reply. I still can not get the way round this site,you will have to forgive me.


Do hope he recovers in time my stroke was a fairly mild one is five weeks old but we all get good and bad days hope it goes well for him