New to group and fist post so little about me

hello all

little about myself

i had my stroke in july 2020 so still very new to myself right brain so left side weakness

i was 38 at the time and had been into fitness my life competed in bodybuilding and other sports so has been big shock and big change in my life

hping ill get back to my best

Welcome. You have age on your side, so hopefully you will make a good recovery. Try not to overdo things and remember recovery takes time. Good luck.

Hi. I was 51 when i had my stroke. I'm sure your fitness will help you with your recovery. I was into the gym and pilates so getting back to the gym felt so good. I now have a personal trainer who has helped me so much with my recovery. I met him purely by chance in the gym and I'm so pleased I did. Even trhough he tells terrible jokes! 

many thanks for your welcome

Hi - I'm 56 & had same last month.

How is your mobility now?

I'm 55 had ischemic stroke in Nov no physical effects other than rebuilding my brain power currently having issues with fatigue even though changed to better job. Would like to join a gym when lockdown eases but don't feel I have the energy right now

very interesting  - had my stroke last month & physically getting stronger but my brain isn't quite there yet!

i am good with mobility 

having lots of fatigue myself 

my mobility is well it's weakness and timing i have issues with and my ear 

but i still try go to the gym 

i just was somebody very strong like lifting cars and obviously now there gone 

I find i get information overload and panic sets in. Get "fuzzy" heads too feels like a hangover. 

Hi Andy.bummer about the stroke,early days yet tho,take it easy,don't rush it.i had a right side stroke last march,left side weakness but not too badly affected and it does improve slowly but surely.sometimes it's 1step forward and 2steps back if you overdo it,I'm still troubled with fatigue but you have to listen to your body sleep,rest,take it steady when you need to then you can do more on the good days.and don't be afraid to ask for help if you need will build back up to your strongman days.i do things a little differently to before but It will be will adapt if you need to, the brain is fantastic.Best Wishes to you.smiley

hi Pam, 51 too, stepped off the bus, thats when it happened,,, 

Hi my name is Wyatt and i suffered a blood clot in the brain in August 2020

when I was 18 I woke up at around 9 and was in bed and around 10 I was thirsty so I sat up and started to reach for my water bottle however I started to lose the ability to control my right hand, as I tried to shout my mother, my speech was slurred.
When I tried to get downstairs my right leg started to get affected so I fell down the stairs I barely got up and went to get my mother before she left for work. She called the ambulance and I went straight to l&d hospital, later I found out that I had a blood clot in the brain. during my recovery I later found out that my memory was affected so that I have become more forgetful, when I'm tired still I struggle to string a sentence together via finding the correct words/names. I also later found out I could of where it was so severe. To this day my mind is still affected however not as much, now I'm just a bit of a forgetmeknot but certain memories and To this day my mind is still affected however not as much, now I'm just a bit of a forgetmeknot but certain memories and experiences I have lost permanently, my right hand has been affected the most as I can't feel different temperatures as well as textures, if I was stroking a dog I know I'm stroking the fur however it doesn't feel like it, it just feels like I am stroking something. The feels like I am stroking something. The rest of my mobility is fine except my hand.

I am now 19 turning 20 and I try my hardest to not be limited by this and I try to live my life to the fullest.


And how are you now??

generally, i am trying to come to terms with it a little, my spirits are reasonably high,, just now trying to learn a little about it all, n make a few connections,,, Thank you, How are you??, am by myself (like many are - but find it a little strange sometimes at 3/4am say?!!!),, rambling on!!

Hello Wyatt,

Welcome to the Stroke Guide, feel free to pitch questions, air concerns and have a grumble if needed. I had my stroke Sept 2020 bilateral cerebellar infarction, 7 months on and still gradual improvement. I have a few memory issues, mainly short term memory, so carry notepad with me which I sometimes forget to carry with me. Pleased to meet you.


Hi Wyatt 

welcome to My Stroke Guide. You may also find this useful: which is a UK  charity providing a unique service to young stroke survivors.

Regards Sue

If your spirits are high then that's good. You've got an important job to do now - look after you and work on your recovery. It's the most important job you'll ever have. I work hard at my recovery. Only way to be. Only way I can be.