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Hi I’m new to the forum. My sister suffered a massive stroke in April and we are all struggling with the after effects. It was caused by undiagnosed atrial fibrillation. She was in hospital for 2 months and is now in a care home. I’ve struggled to find any stories by families who’ve gone through what we are going through. Her outlook is bleak and I’m struggling to get any information from the care home on her condition. She seemed a lot brighter in the hospital but they say that’s a normal part of a stroke journey. She is often asleep for days. She cannot talk and I am having to advocate on her behalf as her husband is devastated and completely overwhelmed. She is 66 years old so it’s even more of a shock for us. Thanks.


@GwenMorgan1965 welcome to the forum but so sorry to hear your sister has had such a bad stroke. Stroke isn’t just devastating for the person who suffered it but for those around them too. Its a lot for you all to take in. A stroke journey has many ups & downs as the brain is trying to repair after such a devastating event. I would try & get to speak to a stroke consultant to find out what can be done to improve the situation for her.
Wishing you all all the best xxx

Thanks. I was under the impression that the stroke team at the hospital were no longer involved in her care. We are having a MDT meeting on Thursday where we discuss who pays etc for her care. I’m hoping to raise my concerns there and I’ve asked the care home for the care plan which they must have in place for her. It’s so emotional and trying to stay strong in these official meetings is a challenge.

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yes Gwen you must stay strong for all three of you but look after yourself, I’m sure once your brother-in-law has got over the awful shock things will get better and you can share the load. My Mum had massive stroke aged 80 and when I initially saw her it ripped me and my siblings up inside but once settled in care home made remarkable recovery and although paralysed down left side had a good quality of life and enjoyed another 12 years. Was always a glass half-full perky person. It’s still early days yet and l wish you all well. Don’t hesitate to ask anything here we are encyclopaedia Stokanica.