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Hi ......Just joined after having a stroke....A week ago I went to A+E after experiencing numbness and tingling on the left hand side of my face and finger and thumb. It didnt last long and was over after about 10 minutes. Got sent home after 5 hours with a migraine diagnosis, I had none of the classic symptoms and no weakness. The same happened the next day about the same time and again after a visit to A+E i got sent with the same diagnosis but with a referal to the TIA clinic. 2 days later the the same again and after a thorough examination I got sent home. On Friday last week I visited the TIA clinic but with no symptoms and again was put down to migrane!!! I was really worried by this time. Monday......I got the symptoms again and phoned the clinic and was told to come in immediately....I got a CT scan and they have discovered a small bleed on the right hand side of my brain ...a stroke I have been told. I dont have any of the weakness or classic symptoms except for occassional tingling and numbness in my finger and thumb and my cheekbone and lip. I have to go for an MRI in a week or two but I'm terrified something is going to happen!!! I feel helpless and extremley anxious!! Any advice please

Hi Westwood, None of us expect a stroke, but the impact on us all is very similar. The brain goes into fear mode, because it does not want another one. Hopefully, you doctor will have now put you on the right medication to avoid another one. You might need to consider lifestyle changes as well and ensure you get enough exercise and relaxation. Your fears will ease over time, but you are lucky to have been left relatively unscathed. Welcome to our forum.

Hi jeff, thanks for your reply...its very reassuring, doc not given me any meds which seems a bit odd but I've been on blood pressure meds for a while maybe he thinks that is enough..... big lifstyle changes ahead....more relaxing and less stress hopefully


I had bad migraines, 5/6 a day, went A&E was prescribed 80mg propanalol. A week later April 9th I had a stroke, while sitting in my armchair. Ambulance called. They arrived after about 20 minutes. By then I could talk a bit, and move everything except my left hand. At hospital I was put on a thrombolosis drip. Also medication for blood thinning .  After MRI and scans It was found that my artery in the neck was 99% blocked and the consultant said I needed an operation asap or I could have a massive stroke. Of course I agreed to this, however the next day he said I couldn't have an operation because of the coronavirus in the hospital and no I ICU was available so the surgeon wouldn't operate,  I was told I will be put on the waiting list... I was very scared and Was in for four days. No visitors because of Covid . When I got home I had physio and OT visit me 3 times a week which helped me greatly.I can now use my hand a bit but my thumb and forefinger are still numb. At night I wake because my hand has started to hurt, so I have to stretch it out. I was due to visit the stroke clinic , but this was cancelled because of the Covid and a video call was arranged, this too was cancelled! So I'm still waiting for an operation or news. I also wore a heart monitor for 3 days, to see if the clot came from my heart and am still waiting for results of that.


Thanks Jane

Thanks for your reply . I try not to get too anxious . If and when hairdressers open, I've been told I can't bend my head too far back/forward. I'm sure I won't be the first stroke client they've had. 

Take care

One day at a time hey.


Reads similar to mine Westwood. The numbness in finger and thumb .If you been given physio exercises I'm sure the feeling will come back.. Hopefully you've had your MRI and feel less anxious now.

Good luck, thinking of you