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Hi all

I'm lyndsay and im a stroke survivor  wanting to meet people who get we're im comeing from and understands me I don't want sympathy I want to be understoo.Ihad my stroke in June this year went to bed and woke up to 4lives been turned upside down lots of complications followed I'm now just a 46 year-old with no identity as all my memory gone b4 stroke silly things come back but important things still no we're in the memory tank think my 14 year old knows more than me feeling very a angry frustrated and feel lost   

You have come to the right place to chat with many many stroke survivors who have found their lives changed dramatically all in a flash.

Often the memories will trickle back. In the meantime I just accept I am a different person living in the original shell.

We can get ourselves a new identity if we want.

So much to learn. Such ignorance from most of society. I didnt know anything about strokes, other than the adverts on the TV for FAST.

Welcome to our forum.


Welcome to the group. 

I'm not a SS but a carer for my Mum who had a massive stroke in June this year as well. X

Welcome to this site Lindsay. We’re all here to help, what sort of stroke did you get? How badly have you been affected? With me it was mainly my eyesight and speech, I was fairly lucky I still had movement of my limbs.


I had a massive one to the back of my head then splinted off into 4 other areas it's mainly affected my balance my way of thinking memory feel like I've been dropped into a house with 3strangers my periferal vision in both eyes been affected I'm not allowed out on my own so gone from been an active person to a recluse 

Thank you so much every1 thought I had an ear infection it was only because I couldn't do coordination they sent me to stroke unit mri showed massive stroke n yes I'm different too and slowly getting to know the new me 

Hope that at least your ears are now OK. Many of us get ear problems for a year or two after stroke.

It is so hard getting to know this new person lurking in our bodies. I struggle to make new friends and I struggle even more with old friends. So little info for us.


Hi Lindsay and welcome to the forum. We all have different experiences of stroke and you will be given lots of support on here.

Like you I went to bed ok one night and woke the next day with memory loss and totally muddled. I had a lacuna infarct in February and am slowly making progress. Recovery can be so slow so don’t be worried about it. You’ll have good and bad days but slowly you’ll realise some things are improving. Most of all you will get lots of support from others on here as I have done and that is so reassuring.

Take each day as it comes you’re not alone.


Yep Hi Lyndsey,

Sorry to hear that. I didn’t get symptoms like yours. As I say,I did get eyesight problems, and couldn’t balance too well a few weeks after my stroke. At first I had to be accompanied every where. I was terribly worried, that my eyesight would never go back to what it once was. It was almost like being on another planet! 

Im back to driving now, so at least I can get around.


I had similar situation a year ago, saw 4 Doctors who kept giving me antibiotics for an ear infection and then vertigo. After paying for an MR I discovered stroke. Things do get easier but takes awhile to get through the system. I find I need to rest and can't always cope with busy places but getting there.

Hi lyndsay, I am a carer for my dad he had his first stroke at the beginning of the year and totally lost his mind....getting up early hours wanting to take the poor dog Izzie for her walk. It took him a few months but his mind did come back.

like has already been said everyone is different, try and tell your family what you need if need be through a 3rd party. 

My dad has just had his 2nd stroke so we are currently battling again...

this site is great for questions but more importantly for support. Take care xx

i also have a problem with bright sun and headlights and glare. i think tinted glasses could help.