New.Taste.Carotid blocked

New Here..Sense of taste gone awry..also anyone else with "inoperable" blocked carotid artery? Whats the outlook?

Dear Simoni

my taste buds went for a walk on stroking, and haven't come back.

at first i liked things that i didnt previously like, but after a few months several foods tasted disgusting. Now things have settled but not returned to pre stroke. 

best wishes


Cheers Colin..all meat tasted disgusting..but now 4 months later.I have had some chicken..and may actually venture to have some beef...fancy the idea of saving the planet so will go easy on the meat anyway. I love sharp tasting foods, cress, lemon loads of fruit..and its actualy quite healthy anyway. Wonder if anyone else is living with this "Completely Blocked Carotid Artery" condition.I feel fine..but I feel my base jumping days are behind me...(ok I have never base jumped).

Roast beef tasted especially bad, yet i like beef. Now its ok again.

i am too old to change much, but perhaps you can benefit from esting better foods.

i think there have been other SS on here with a blocked carotid artery. Are the NHS recommending anything to help you ? Will other survivors get in touch with you please ?

best wishes


Thanks for that Colin..I really should check this more often..NHS has been conspicious by their abscence..I have had to to all the chasing. Managed eventually to get a 7 day heart monitor..after I was fitted with one for 2 hours then had it "confiscated " by nurse....NHS then threatened me with a heafty fine if I didnt return the confiscated monitor..I could go on and on..Stroke on left side..followed by weeks of agonising muscle cramps dpwn left side..tried to get to the bottom of the problem and hence get effective told me he could see "no possible connection beteewn a back problem and a brain bleed" I had to explain to a £90k pa professional that as the brain had problems processing info to and from the muscles on the left..the brain may be sending out garbled signals that result in cramps..I could go on..and on. I had appropriate treatment and it got fixed.

I am a great fan of the NHS, I have family members on the front line in an NHS hospital, but sometimes I'm just astounded at the stories I hear of medical professionals.  Yours is clearly a case in point ?.  

I recently emailed my mother's GP (with her permission), as I wanted them to investigate whether she had suffered a TIA.  The GP asked me to help him to complete the referral form.  So I wrote a detailed email to assist him, (thanks so much to all the great information I've gleaned from this site), he phoned me, to check what my medical background was; he thought I was someone who worked with the Stroke team !!

It's a terrible shame that GPs, and even stroke professionals seem to have so many gaps in their knowledge - they should spend time in med school, studying this site, they would gain so much valuable expertise from the wonderful people on this site ?  

I wish you good luck, keep strong ?

Thanks NickABella..yes information gained from personal experience sticks..some profesionals would do well to look at this site/forum....Likewise I have family members who work for the NHS..I understand dealing with stroke survivors, who may inhabit a different headspace (I halucinated a favourite client a couple of weeks ago,,LOL!)..can be challenging to deal with, but unless done in a civil manner can lead to many problems down the line...I still mull over my stay at Gwenllian ward for maybe 3 to 4 hours, every day..memories just bubble up..gets in the way of say I resent it massively, is an understatement.