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Hello all
I had a stroke a week ago. Not a good time bank holiday weekend as I sat about in a and e for 30 hrs. That’s not to say I didn’t get any treatment but unfortunately nhs in my area very under pressure.
Feel I little bit of a fraud as I have a bit of a speech issue and head ache but not much more so lucky compared to many here.
Question I do have this headache which comes and goes in Intensity but never too bad. Is this normal? Likely to stay? BP ok.
I’ve been referred to a stroke clinic, but really no idea of next steps. In general what will they be?
Also a bit blubby/emotional which is not like me is that normal?
Sorry for loads of questions!

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Hi Chris and welcome. Sounds as if you have had a TIA (minor stroke) and this should act as a warning, because a TIA can lead to a full stroke. However, any form of stroke has after effects and heightened emotions are not unknown. Your headache is probably another after effects and should go in time. The Stroke Clinic will probably assess you and try to advise you on how to decrease the risk of another TIA or stroke. You might also want to look at lifestyle adjustments e.g diet,alcohol intake, pressures you face at work or home. Try to relax more and wait until you go to the clinic and see what they say. Best wishes.

Hi Chris this is the best place to come everybody is friendly and you get quite a lot of tips having a tia is frightening best thing to do make sure that you are put on the right medication and keep your blood pressure under control slow down and try to relax the stroke clinic should sort you out all the best fatigue will be common in the early days rest as much as you can.

@Chrisfw welcome although sorry you’ve had a stroke. I thought my 17 hrs in A&E was bad. 30 hrs must have been hell.

You shouldn’t feel a fraud. Any stroke is a major event & you have some effects that many of us get. I had a horrible head for months after my stroke & whilst it’s better than it was it still gets bad at times. The emotions are normal too.

Your brain will be trying to repair now so resting will be needed. All your symptoms should improve in time

The stroke clinic will go through everything with you & prescribe the right meds if you aren’t already on them. It’s difficult to advise what next as it really depends on the type of stroke you’ve had & where it affected your brain.

Best of luck in your recovery.


Shwmae @Chrisfw, welcome to the forum, despite the circumstances. Don’t feel like a fraud, a stroke is a stroke, and the way each of us manage it, relative. Do you have any idea what kind of stroke you had? This will depend on the next steps at the stroke clinic unless they are treating on symptoms only. It will also relate to post stroke symptoms you may have, for instance, the stroke I had was a cerebellar stroke, so many of my symptoms are associated with cognitive spatial and visual awareness issues. The stroke I had was caused by trauma to my neck.

Aye, stroke can strike at anytime. I hope you are getting plenty of sleep, and water. PBA or the Pseudobulbar Affect is common after stroke, that’s when emotions are all over the place, and crying or laughing is like an uncontrollable tap. I didn’t experience this, I had the opposite, a blunted emotional response. As for the recovery timeline, the most useful, well worn axiom I have encountered to describe it is, how long is a piece of string?

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Shwmae @Loshy, aye, I had a cerebellar stroke but also six TIAs, the stroke was bilateral, so it damaged the right and left side of my cerebellum. This is highly unusual but common for neck trauma strokes, or so I am to understand. It has left me with a buffet of symptoms to deal with, some minor and some that have been quite debilitating.


Thank you all so much for your speedy responses and kindness.
In answer to your questions it was a stroke. Mri showed as right cerebellar infarct not looked that up yet.
On high dose aspirin changing to clopidogrel next week. Plus statins as precaution although last time cholesterol check was ok. Got a stroke clinic referral. My notes say no need for carotid doppler as PCS. Anyone know what that means?
More reassured re headaches now thanks.
If it gets too bad does anyone know if paracetamol is OK on the above???
Thanks Again

@Chrisfw as your stroke was an infarct (clot based) it is usual to be prescribed statins even if cholesterol not high. Seems to be medical guidance.

I had a carotid doppler done but that’s because I had a stroke caused by carotid artery dissection. Sounds like your stroke was elsewhere so unlikely they’d do a carotid doppler.

I’m not sure what PCS is but assume it’s an artery.

I take paracetamol regularly for my headaches & I’m on clopidogrel & atorvastatin. I think you need to be wary of ibuprofen type pills but paracetamol is ok.

Paracetamol should be ok when I left hospital with stonking head they gave a couple of boxes as well as my medication, Any stroke history in family ?. After a few weeks my headache went but be prepared for muddled head and brain fog. Phoned the Stroke Association when I got home and said same as you “ I’ve had a stroke but not a bad one and feel a fraud” was corrected All strokes are bad. How naive I was. Yes have problems which are frustrating and learning to live with them but I survived. If you need further advice and reassurance report back here the wealth of knowledge incredible

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Thanks again for replies so useful.
Trip to chemist to get some paracetamol coming up.

Nope no stroke history. Don’t smoke, jog and walk, eat right stuff low on diary… do drink but don’t think excessive.
Just unlucky on odds to get one but lucky not too many issues. Speech is better than I went in with it. Less of a droop. Feels like I can’t always get tongue in right place

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After talking to u guys i feel more positive going forward. The emotional bit is odd. Just blub for no reason but I guess that will improve…

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@Chrisfw yes the emotional bit should improve. I’m almost 10 mths post stroke & can still blub for no reason. Not quite as often as before though :grin:

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Loshy no they are not doing doppler as “PCS” but no idea what that means. Thanks for your helpful replies BTW

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Ah, that would explain any language/speech issues you might have. Paracetamol is fine. Ibuprofen, not, as it reacts with your anti-platelet meds and can cause bleeds.

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Hi Chris- It is a very typical, almost universal reaction in stroke survivors, to have strong emotions after stroke. There is actually a part of the brain related to emotionality that is affected during many strokes. In the hospital they gave me a leaflet about it, so that I would be prepared. Usually, this dissipates over time as the brain heals. I would cry at the drop of a hat (I never cry!) and when something struck me funny, I had trouble stopping laughing. (That was sorta fun.) Anyway. The crying is gone. Fortunately, I still tend to laugh more than I used to. I was also more “headachy”, after my stroke, nothing severe. Severe headaches should be checked out. They are not much of a problem now–4 years later. For my speech issue, they gave me paragraphs to read aloud that contained many speech sounds. I just had to practice over and over. No problem with speech after a few weeks of that. Any more questions, ask away. You’re not alone. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne


Another question although it’s more your opinions I’m after.
I have a holiday booked in Malta for next Wed for a week. My discharge letter said it would be OK to go providing its a restful hol. Dr said ok to. Checked CAA and I’m over timeframe that they advise not to fly.
I’m undecided. And I know I guess ultimately its up to me but sounding you guys out. Mobility ok speech issue, headaches, on meds.

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@Chrisfw If you feel OK & you’ve been cleared to fly then why not go for it. I flew to Majorca 5 months after my stroke. I was a little anxious but it all went ok.

I booked assistance at the airport which helped with the fatigue. Also pick up a sunflower lanyard at airport so people can see you have a hidden disability. Makes them a bit more patient. I made sure I kept my legs moving on the flight. I did loads of relaxing when I was there & I was very pleased I’d gone.

It’s your call but if it was me I’d go.

Have a great time xx

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hi Chris
the heightened emotions do calm down, the headaches i have not had, so no advice there, hopefully stroke clinic will assess you quickly.
Good luck

Hi Chris, I suffered the same type of stroke,you are definitely not a fraud my friend. I was in the hospital same

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Sorry Wi-Fi issue.Having any sort of stroke is a little scary,and feeling emotional is a part of the recovery process. I take each day and set little goals to surpass.Good luck in your recovery :v: