New stroke

41 year oll, had from what I now know a huge clot on the back of my neck and was told I’m lucky to be alive. But that hasn’t stopped me worrying about what the future olds and potential recovery times 

Hi there. You are bound to be worried and anxious. Hopefully, you are now on the right medication and getting support. Unfortunately,recovery from stroke is never as fast as we would like. Please stay positive, review your lifestyle and diet if necessary and stay strong. Best wishes.

How long is it since your stroke? I am 56 and had a stroke 9 weeks ago. At first I didn't think I would get here. I found the first weeks very anxious, emotional and lots of not very positive thoughts and worries about the future. 

I have had to take it day by day. Now l do a bit of meditation and listening to relaxing music. Plan my days with one or  two small goals. Walk and exercise every day. I am not saying it is easy. Some days better than others. Look at your progress on a weekly basis. Rest every couple of hours during the day. Try to get at least 8 hours sleep.

I don't know how your recovery is going. I had a clot that had to removed. I am progressing slowly but well, walking and talking well. Just very fatigued and emotional. I am finding as time goes on everything  does start to normalize.

Stay strong and positive.

Morning, had my stroke 7 weeks ago. I’ve taken some positives from it as the doctors said I shouldn’t have survived so ☺️.

its going ok but slow, physically I’m lucky and just struggle walking for  any sort of distance and get tired very quickly. I also have problems memory wise and reading and writing but getting to grips with having a stroke was the main struggle which I’m slowly getting used too. Take care and hope you recovery quickly 

Yes us SS  are the chosen ones. We lived to tell our tales. It would be helpful if we knew when the stroke happened to you and your brief diagnosis.

recovery is anywhere from three months to infinity. You will get the faster recovery during the first two years. But things do improve, often so slowly that you cant notice.

Strokes get at anyone, any age. But what you have in your favour is that you will recover faster than those of us who are sixty plus.

best wishes


Morning, it was a dicection on the back of my neck which then turned into a clot. I have since been in hospital again as I had several ta’s.. I’m trying to stay positive and take the fact that yes I’m a survivor but from being extremely fit and healthy to not being able to walk 10 metres is hard to process at the moment. But I know il get there. Take care and thanks for the positive message 

Hello, I'm 44, had a clot and cerebellar stroke, still recovering, seven months later. Small improvements but takes a lot of patience and kindness to the self. Also called a cryptogenic stroke for me as they haven't found a cause but I take each hour at a time and focus on the future. Welcome to The Guide.


Morning, glad your recovering well, yes it’s still very early but speaking to others on here is already helping as family ect don’t understand at times just how it feels

Hi I had my stroke 4 weeks ago today it was totally out of the blue I'm 58,I have been so anxious since my emotions are all over the place but the after hospital stroke team ,OT Rehab have been amazing and really helping me along today I had a meeting with a phycologist via phone it was my first one which I think is going to be helpful,what's helping me is just to keep talking to people 

 Regards pippy

Thats the trouble nowdays nobody seems to talk. They are too busy on mobile phones and computers I think its all wrong. Since I had my stroke in 2017 I need to talk to people otherwise I have got all my illnesses on mymind. It does take your mind off it if you are having conversations with someone. I hope  you soon feel better Pippy. All the best Norma.

I'll second that Norma.  Younger people have become so used to communicating without words, they have lost the art of conversation face to face.  I went for my eyes testing yesterday.  The optician barely looked at me throughout the whole appointment.  I could tell by her questions, she wasn't listening to me.  I explained how I felt that my eyesight had become worse since my last stroke and when I get tired, my eye droops and looks bad on photos.  So her reply was "So has there been any change since last year?"

Dear Pippy

you seem to be rolling along nicely.

emotionality is a specific, common outcome from a stroke. 
it does ease as rhe weeks tip by.

its nice to learn from you that some of the rehab is coming back on stream. 

lovely day here. Lots of gardening and plenty of backache. Thw weeds are going wild.

remember to smile, smile and smile again.

remember to be positive

lots of us are here for you


Afternoon Colin and thankyou for your encouragement,yes it's sunny here too I've had a lazy day as the last two days I've been busy pottering about ,I've sat in the garden all day watching all the mummy birds feeding their young and wow how noisey was that ..I've been reading and doing word search and just enjoying the open air,it's been so nice to speak to people who are all getting their life back and sharing such useful information,it's been a god send ...well mind your back enjoy the sun and I will carry on smiling the best I can ...thankyou ...pippy 

Thankyou Norma..I probaly talk to much ,but I find great comfort from it ,it's a loverly sunny day here and been sitting in the garden all day watching the birds feeding have a loverly evening ..pippy 

Hi, sorry to hear about your stroke, yes it’s very daunting having one inexpertly (well they all are) yes the after care team have been amazing. Taking on here is helping as the closest to me seem to think it’s beem 7 weeks I’m ok now! Been struggling today but guess that’s normal. Hope you have a speedy recovery 

Hey sorry too it's a shock big shock ,yes chatting on the site really does help,I'm 4 weeks post stroke I struggle most days to be honest ,I am trying to become more positive,don't always work thou ,I will get it right one day !!! I hope you have a better day tomorrow... pippy

4 weeks is very early, it’s hard to be positive especially when being so healthy ect before hand.  90 per cent of the time is at home now and when wanting to go out it’s relying on people. Takes some used to but reading some stories on here of others months/years down the line it seems to get easier 

This electronic mania has a lot to answer for.

we had our first post covid meet with friends today. So sunny we were happy to be in the garden. But i found it hard to make conversation, so long out of practice.

plus of course there isnt much to talk about. 

i hope conversation will improve as we feel our way out of the restrictions. In the meantime i can always chat to the cat.


Yes it is hard to be positive all the time,I'm having good days and bad days when they are bad my anxiety is horrendous ,yes I've not been out the house on my own and like you say we have to rely on people which I struggle with,I miss my work at the local hospital as we are like a family and I spent more time with my colleagues than my family ,so now I'm home alone during the day ,which can seem such a long day,so missing my colleagues,can't drive my car yet it's hard to adjust to my new life .....pippy ...

Hopefully with time we will all get back to some kind of normality. Hard at he moment but it’s what I’m being told so I guess we have to think of the positives.. 

fingers crossed each day for you improves. Having nice weather would help a bit I think too