New stroke victim

hello i had an acute posterior infarct stroke at the end of aug 2020 but didnt find this out untill today as was being treated for vestibular balance disorder so feeling very upset not knowing the full outcome 

Hi Sheena, im very sorry to hear this, i can imagine you feel really let down, & frightened. Have the Drs put you on meds & whats their plan of action. i hope you get some answers x

i have now started bk to work im on atorvastatin tablets to lower my cholestrol and not to work 4 days straight so they suggested i work 2 days then have a break and so on i feel let down by dr's etc for not giving me the right information 

Hi Sheena, that's a very quick return to work, just hope you don't overdo it.  You must be feeling exhausted, especially with the lack of a proper, early diagnosis.  It's really important that you take plenty of rest, your injured brain now needs to have time to re-boot and it can only do that when it's not under pressure.  

Take very good care ? xx

Hello Sheena,

I had a similiar misdiagnosis, even though I voiced suspicions that it was something else. The type of stroke I had, cerebellar stroke, makes up less than 10% of all strokes, and unfortunately the symptoms are so similiar to many other conditions that they just don't immediately register the possibility of stroke and I am to believe that an MRI is the only conclusive scan that can reveal this. MRIs being expensive, is an obstacle for having this kind of stroke detected early. I do sometimes wish they had clocked on earlier to what may have been going on, but I'm very much of the mind now that I'm going to try and help make awareness for this kind of stroke more prominent.

Hope you are doing okay and I'm impressed you have returned to work, I hope this is a positive and rewarding step in your recovery. 

i have filed a complaint to my local hospital where i was treated as they told me it wasnt a stroke and was treating me for vestibular balance disorder it was only the lady from the stroke team said it was confirmed on the 3.9 20 it was a stroke but in the mean time drs was happy giving me sick notes with this diognosis and no phase of return bk to work so feel i was let down by them and could of been taking the wrong meds x

im finding it very tiring at work but they are really reasonable with me having time out every couple of hours just to sit down and have a break etc 

Potentially very dangerous, too scary to think about those consequences.  Hope things will move in the right direction for you now ?. Stay strong, stay safe xx