New stroke victim - cerebellar infarct

Hi all, I have just been diagnosed with having suffered a cerebellar infarct, I have been quite lucky in that it doesnt seem to have effected me to much extent and was discharged the following day.

the hospital "advises" not to drive for 4 weeks but doesnt say "do not drive". I realise this is standard advice to all stroke suffers, can I drive when I feel well enough as I dont seem to have any side effects so far or should the hospital have stated - do NOT drive.

Hi Trish72 - I wasn’t too badly affected by my stroke but I was (correctly) given a very specific instruction that I could not drive for a month. If you look on Gov.UK it is very clear that legally you cannot drive for a month after a stroke or a TIA. I think there might be a video somewhere on this My Stroke Guide site that explains it further.

Thank you 

I just thought it strange that they use the word advise but dont say categorically do not drive, even though it mentions elsewhere like you point out you must not drive on the .gov site - not that I am going to drive as I dont feel upto it but perhaps the hospital need to review thier paperwork to reflect that.

It's normally standard practice in hospitals to inform everyone who has a stroke that isn't a mini stroke not to drive for a month unless it is a more serious stroke that needs longer before driving.  You don't have to inform DVLA but you do need to inform your insurance company otherwise you aren't covered if you have an accident. Personally, I wouldn't take the risk before 4 weeks because as you mentioned in your post you don't have any side effects "so far" but you could suddenly become dizzy or feel unwell.