New statin jab - twice a year

This is great news for people who have problems with statins taken every day.  It will be offered to everyone who suffers from heart disease which, it says, will prevent thousands of deaths (people passing away if the d word gets censored) every year and also prevent strokes.  So I'm not sure if it will be offered to stroke patients as well.  Maybe I'm reading it wrong...?

It does sound like good news. I read that it will be offered to people who have already had a heart attack or stroke and whose statins aren't sufficiently controlling their cholesterol. I'm due to have some routine blood tests next week and depending on my cholesterol level I'll then ask about it. 

I heard since on the news that it will be offered to stroke patients so fingers crossed.  I'm on a diabetes prevention programme at the moment that my GP enrolled me on as I was pre-diabetic. It's a 9 month course and finishes in November so I'm hoping that it has worked and my blood sugar levels are lower than they were. I've lost just over half a stone on it and I'm due bloods checking and also my cholestrol then so we'll see!