New spasticity area

Most of my right side has been affected with spasticity as I’ve written before. When it started on and off, to reach my face and neck, my neurologist prescribed a second MRI and it showed no second stroke. Now nearly every day, the right side of my face is numb…no drooping, just numb, like after going to the dentist. Do any of you good folk have this problem?

I’ve been pondering for a while… Actually that makes it sound as if I’ve been more active than I have let me start again

A while ago I I just thought that stayed with me, I wondered whether Huntingdon’s and Parkinson’s and various other similar eponymous conditions weren’t just strokes in slow motion.

And then when I had my stroke I was part of a clinical drug trial after the stroke that was exploring whether decline in circulation through small capillaries in the brain could be halted or at least improved .

So @Outlander speculating that stroke isn’t the only cause of neurological changes and the other causes are probably common and as well understood - not! - as stroke

@SimonInEdinburgh Aye Simon, you are so right. I’ve been researching my “cervical stenosis” brought on by over an hour’s extraction of a molar in the dentist’s office. Seems I already had the stenosis due to age, but pulling that tooth caused lots of inflammation.
Turns out; a cervical stenosis can indeed cause numbness and tingling of Face and Neck.
I now have my PTs working on the neck as well as the rest of this spasticity ridden body. Thanks for the heads-up.

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