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Hello.I had a tia 1 month ago.It's my 2nd tia.I was told at the hospital that I would be investigated thoroughly to find the cause.I was meant to have a 24hr heart tracing and scan of my neck 2 wks after discharge.It didnt happen.I went to my local a&e with palpitations & they were surprisd i hadnt had it done.I got a letter saying I hav a telephone appt w the neurologist in jan.At hospital 1a&e dr(I trusted him) said I hav 2 shadows on my scan(head) that hes not happy with.the neurologist at hospital said my mri scan was normal.I dont trust her becos she was rushd,she didnt kno id had a scan with dye...she didnt fill me with on clopidogrel&atarvostatin.ive been v tired its improving a bit but still a problem.i get headaches every off balance often.i often cant walk in a straight line.i cant write like i usd to.when i use a mobile i struggle with typing(i keep typing numbers by accident).last month i had palpitations often (11 times in 5 weeks).my local hospital said i shud get my gp to chase the heart gp was unhelpful&said i shud discuss it with the hospital doing the followup.i had got confusd&thought my telephone followup was 14th dec but its 14th jan.i guess i just felt a bit at sea&unsupported.i had wanted the heart & neck check 2 wks after discharge from hospital like the neurologist said.i also wish i trusted&had faith in the neurologist but i dont.the a&e doc wen i had tia was good.i trusted him.he said id b investigated thoroughly to find the cause as im young to hav a tia(53) & its my 2nd one& i dont kno wats causing thats a worry.sorry so long.hope some1 replies.thx

I'm thinking all the delays r due to 2 minds on 1 hand I want to push to get my investigations done(heart tracing&neck scan) on the other hand I know hospitals r overwhelmd with covid.also i dont want to use public transport to get to the hospital.or spend time in the hospital as there's too much covid& i dont want to catch it as im prone to clotting.catch feeling better than i did last month.not scared ill hav another tia any minute.(thats how i felt last month).

Hi Mol. My story very similar. Had a stroke 3 weeks ago at 53. Waiting echocardiogram and 24 hour trace but heard nothing so far. On the same meds. Doing ok and trying not to worry too much. Hope you keep well and sending healing thoughts. Xx

Hi fuschia

Thanks for ur reply.its reassuring to hear others in similar situations.covid is so rife atm i guess its better to stay away from hospital.i wish i knew why 2 tia's if i knew cause mayb i cud avoid another one.i do get v tired but improving.i take a brisk walk worried about going bak to working again as work stress cobtributed to both.that seems to b common.all the best to u fuschia.thx for ur gd time goes by (i had tia 13th nov)i feel less anxious but its still in my mind as physically im not as i usd to b.wish i cud sit down w a medical professional&get answers but mayb they dont hav any.take care.mol

Hi jane how lovely to see your kind response.i hadnt logged on here for ages but thx for taking the time to reply.i hav had telephone contact with the neurologist&am on medication now which is good.i hav high blood pressure which wasnt being controlled by the medication.but a different gp suggested i take the meds at night rather in the morning.but the stroke hospital say i shud take them in am.i mite try evening as it seemd to b working.i also realised that i hav had such a fear of having another tia becos im not medically trained.and strokes/tias r scary wen ur having them really scary.i think professional medical staff sometimes underestimate the fear.& i almost think theyd only really understand wat emotional support,time&explanation r needed by why did i hav a tia/stroke is a q we all ask im sure.but to b fair to professionals the difficulty seems to b that at first it seems the answer is"we dont kno why but were going to i vestigate.wat is then hard is if they investigate&the answer is"we dont kno".becos if u dont kno wat causd it how can u avoid it happening again?i kno there r things we can do-diet exercise avoid caffeine take meds etc.but not knowing the cause did leave me with a big anxiety it wud happen again despite me doing the rite things.esp as i had 2 tias.anyway hope all is ok with u.sending u warm.wishes also.thx for yr support.i appreciate it.all the best.(im so silly ive forgotten my user name but ill see it wen ive posted this.