New on here

Hi all, although I am new on here, I had my stroke's 8 years ago, I say stroke's as it is a bit of a confused story, in August 2012I was in a management meeting at work and as there were no seats available at the table I stood against the wall at the side, halfway through a boring speech by the GM about performance indicators, I simply passed outand found myself on the floor, the GM called an ambulance and I was taken to the local A&E where after a time the doctor told me I had got a chest infection, gave me a fistfull of tablets and told me I could go. I went home feeling very ill but started taking my tablets, the following day I felt even worse so I called my GP  so I carried on stiwho told me I had been given antibiotics and it was not uncommon to feel a little ill on them initially and the doctor at the hospital knows what he is doing(famous last words)so I gritted my teeth and carried onI returned to work exactly a week laterstill feeling a little rough and about an hour afterward I lost the use of my left hand and arm so I went to my GP who thought I had suffered a stroke and called another ambulance and I was returned to the same A&E where it was confirmed I had had a stroke and I was admitted to the stroke ward, the following day I had a CT scanafterwards the stroke doctor came to see me and told me that the scan had shoen 2 infarctions and one appeared to be a week old suggesting that I had suffered a stroke a week ago, my wife who was a blood science pathologist at another major hospital at the time sought out and discussed my stroke with a stroke consultant at her own hospital and as it is easy to obtain patient records from other hospitals now he looked into itfor her and advised her that I had suffered a strokeon the day of my admittance to the stroke ward, but had also suffered one a week prior when I was diagnosed with a chest infection, both strokes were due to blood clots, however if my first stroke had been correctly diagnosed I would have been given clot busting medication which would have prevented my second stroke which left me disabledof course the hospital denied all responsibility, I remained on the stroke ward for a little over a week and was transfered to a rehab facility where the physio was brilliant, he got me back up on my feet and walking albeit on a stick but did not have the time to do any work on my left arm and hand on leaving this facility I relocated back to my home town in yorkshire to be close to freinds and family, the physio prepared an in depth report on my condition along with his suggestions for my recovery, however on my return home I was not provided with any physio whatsoever, indeed the stroke consultant I saw didnt seem to have any idea at all although he did have a huge collection of jokes about stroke sufferers bottom line is I am still left with a useless hand and arm and was hoping I could get advice on here about excercises or physio that may help I appretiate that after so long it is doubtful that anything will help now but I still live in hope, besides the NHS have refused to amputate my arm so I guess I am stuck with the useless thing, apologies for such a long post