New notification menu

Hi all

You may have noticed a few changes here on the forum following this weekend’s update. I’ve added a bit of guidance below for anyone struggling with it.

Notification menu

You can see in the below image what the new notification menu looks like. I have added labels and some information about what each icon means.

  • All notifications (bell) - every notification you have received
  • Replies (arrow) - where people have replied to one of your topics or posts
  • Mentions (@) - if you have mentioned or @'d (example @AshleyTH)
  • Likes (heart) - which of your posts or topics have been “Liked” or hearted
  • Private messages (letter) - your inbox for private or group messages
  • Bookmarks (ribbon) - view a list of your bookmarked topics
  • Chats (speech bubble) - this isn’t widely released yet, so keep an eye out…
  • Flags/Review (flag) - moderators and admins will see when a post has been flagged.
    • If you are concerned that someone is advertising or breaking other Forum Rules, please do flag it so we can check.
  • Badges (squares) - when you receive a new badge
  • User menu (person) - this is where you can go to edit your user or change your email preferences.

Other interface changes

If you visit your user page, you will see that there have been a few other changes.

The image below is from the Notifications section, but you will see similar changes on your Preferences, Activity, Messages and other pages. Instead of the menu being on the left side of the screen, it now runs along the top.

As you can see in the image below, the Responses, Likes, Mentions and Edits now appear along the top of the screen, just below the main menu.

You can visit your Notifications by clicking the Bell (or any of the other icons) in your user menu. You can also click the arrow at the bottom of the user menu.


Oooh!! Chats coming soon . . .