New Neurologist

Been to Neurology Clinic at local Hospital for appointment with a new Neurologist. For the life of me I had no idea why I was there🤔 but knowing what my memory is like and letter said everything was arranged to take me there I arrived wheelchair and letter in hand.(wheelchair wasn’t in my hand🤣)
Surprisingly the clinic was quiet and I waited I think, about 40 minutes.
Cut to the chase, the Neurologist arranged a memory test for me and something with the physiotherapists for the constant leg/feet cramps.
Mmm, also proposed I use decaf ground coffee and decaf teabags😳

If you’re wondering how I remember all this🤣 I wrote it down whilst waiting for transport home🤗otherwise half an hour later and zip there’d be nowt.
Why do they all try to get carers into my home, I’m not that useless?

Merry Christmas🎄


Hi. Hope the memory test goes well. After my stroke I was referred to a neuropsychologist and spending over an hour with her, it turned out my memory was better than many hadn’t had strokes. Mind you, being an old codger, I have to write all sorts of things down otherwise appointments, in particular, would be forgotten.


HiMatelot Few months after coming out of hospital had to go back for MRI scan, was dropped off by red car. Negotiated my way through hospital but got lost on way back. Zigzagged around like ball bearing in pinball machineWacked! Finally found exit & car park staggered around like a zombie inspecting all red cars . Main problem after stroke was loss of some periferal vision & confusion. Staggered back in hospital shattered & got to A&E. what’s your problem? I’m lost ! Have you got a contact number ? Yes it’s out there somewhere on my phone in a red car. Receptionist asked me a few questions & bless her & a red car appeared & took me back home. All this took place with Covid first lockdown. An adventure I could have done without ! . I took to my bed for week. But now as bright eyed & bushy tailed as any stroke survivor can Be. Important to keep a sense of humour if you can , & texting this good cognitive exercise. Have a good Christmas.


:rofl:Received a letter for another appointment with the Neurologist, I thought boy that’s quick, until I looked at the date. Next June​:rofl:
I’ve stuck the letter onto my mirror so there’s no way I can forget.
I’ve just looked at it wondering what it was…again🤪
Wow, Pds, hope you are OK now…

And to all who replied, thankyou🤗
“Merry Christmas”

And I’ll probably forget so

All the best for 2022✌

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Hi Matelot
Delighted to see that you still have a sense of humour. This is something to which you should hold on; it’ll help on the tougher days.
The good news is that decaf tea and coffee have improved enormously since the early attempts and I seldom drink anything else now.
Best wishes with the memory tests and the physio. I think there are new apps for stroke survivors that can be put on your phone and that would help with the memory.

All the very best for a blessed Christmas and a hope-filled new year!


Hi there Matelot,
Is the problem in your legs down to your stroke? I read that with a lot of interest because I’ve had many, many operations over the years and put the problems down to a serious leg injury, but never thought it could be related to my stroke (or have I read it wrong and it’s down to you drinking 20 gallons of tea and coffee a day;-))
Have a good Christmas too!

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Hello Bert, to be honest I can’t remember if I started suffering the cramps before or after my stroke.
There’s not a lot lately I do remember about anything to be honest (I depend a lot on making notes to remind myself about 99% of things now).
But Hey-Ho, such is life🙂

Hi Matelot, thanks for the reply. I know what you mean about the forgetfulness, specially when I do any DIY - I put something like a screwdriver about an inch away from me and can never find it again! We have to live and laugh with it don’t we? Can’t lose our sense of humour! Take care and have a great Christmas! John aka Bert.